Fuel excise duty reduction as of April 1

Fuel excise duty reduction as of April 1

The previously announced reduction in excise duty on fuels is really coming. This is happening even earlier than expected: by April 1, it should already be that time.

That is worth a sigh of relief, because yesterday it seemed that a possible reduction in excise duty would not be implemented until 1 July. A few days earlier, Minister Kaag (Finance) did not even want to know anything about such a reduction. 17 cents per liter of petrol is deducted, per liter of diesel 11. This further narrows the price gap between diesel and petrol and it may even happen that diesel becomes more expensive than petrol in certain places. At the moment, a fixed amount of about 83 cents is charged per liter of petrol and 53 cents for diesel.

In total, the cabinet is allocating 2.8 billion euros this year for purchasing power recovery. That money will not only go to excise tax reductions, but also to an extra allowance (800 instead of 200) for low-income households and a reduced VAT rate on energy.

*Update*: it is now clear by how much the excise duty will be reduced. The amounts have been added to the article.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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