Gas prices skyrocket on Saturday – here’s what you need to know

Next Saturday, half of 2023 will be over and new laws, rules and rates will be introduced. One of the most important issues that you will immediately have to deal with are the higher petrol prices.

Gasoline prices skyrocket on Saturday

We are used to rising gas prices these days. Usually the cause can be found in higher oil prices, but next Saturday petrol prices will rise for a different reason.

Half of excise discount that the cabinet introduced last year will then be reversed. The other half should follow early next year, but that is not yet certain.

That’s how much gasoline prices are rising

In addition to the reversal of the excise tax credit, an inflation correction will also be made on Saturday. This will increase the liter price for petrol by about 14 cents. A liter of diesel will be about ten cents more expensive.

As a result of this increase, long lines are expected at gas stations in the coming days. After all, everyone wants to have their tank full before the new prices come into effect.

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Tank tips for the coming period

Of course you cannot change the rise in petrol prices themselves, but you can use your iPhone to find out where filling up is the cheapest. By going to the right place, you can limit the price increase as much as possible.

gasoline prices

If you don’t live too far from the German border, it will also be interesting to fill up your tank there from now on. Recently, petrol prices in the Netherlands and Germany were fairly equal. Now that prices are going to rise here and not in Germany, driving to the eastern neighbors may be worthwhile again.

You can also easily determine the cheapest German gas station for you with your iPhone. Install the app and you always know in an instant where you can best drive to.

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