Google Chrome for Mac is now much faster – this is how you install the update

Google has made a number of improvements to Google Chrome on the Mac. The browser has now really become a lot faster. This has changed.

Google Chrome now runs even faster on Mac

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers on the Mac, next to Safari of course. The browser has now had a number of minor updates, so that Chrome now works much faster and smoother on your Mac. It is quite possible that you have already noticed something of this, because Google has already been working on these updates for the past three months.

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After the series of improvements that Google has made, Chrome is no less than 10 percent faster than a few months ago. This makes websites load faster and the browser runs smoother in general. We explain exactly what has changed in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome for Mac

Chrome now 10 percent faster

The improvements that Google has made can mainly be found in JavaScript and HTML. For example, a number of functions have been optimized in JavaScript. This is also the case in HTML and Google has mainly ensured that the different systems behind Chrome work together better. This makes the browser work a lot faster than before.

In addition, Google Chrome on your Mac now needs less memory to function properly. This improvement is in addition to the new memory saving mode. Enabling this feature frees up memory from the tabs that are open in the background. Thanks to these improvements, Chrome uses your Mac’s memory a lot more efficiently.

This way you can see which version of Google Chrome you have

Google has not disclosed the exact version from which all changes were made to your Mac. Chrome often updates itself on your Mac. To check which version of Chrome you have on your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open ‘Chrome’ on your Mac;

  2. Click on ‘Chrome’ in the top bar;

  3. Go to ‘About Google Chrome’;

  4. The Google Chrome version will then be listed under ‘Google Chrome’.

The latest version of Google Chrome on Mac is currently 112.0.5615.49. Don’t have this version on your Mac yet? Sometimes it is necessary to close Chrome and restart it, the update will then be completed automatically.

power saving Mac

More improvements Google Chrome on your Mac

Google has been busy improving Chrome on the Mac for the past few months. Earlier, the company already brought two new useful functions to the browser on the Mac and now it seems that the iOS version of Google Chrome will also receive an update. Are you curious what Chrome will look like on your iPhone? View the first images of the renewed browser here.

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