Google Chrome gets useful AI features on the Mac (and gets much better)

An update is coming to Google Chrome, adding useful AI features to the browser. This is new after the update!

New features for Google Chrome

Google is working on a new version of Google Chrome, which will soon allow you to finally use artificial intelligence in the browser. The update will be available for Google Chrome on Mac and introduces a number of useful AI features. We don’t have to wait until the update to find out what those features are, because Google already announced them today.

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The new features should make it easier to organize tabs, because with the help of AI, your tabs are organized by topic. This way you get groups with tabs that belong together and that you can find more easily. Creating themes is also easier, because you can use AI to create your own theme based on your state of mind, subject and preference.

google chrome ai features

Google Chrome writes texts itself

When putting together such a theme, you can even have your own image made. With the new function in Google Chrome it is possible to describe something. An image is then created using artificial intelligence based on the text you have entered. Chrome will soon be able to create images itself, but that is not all.

After the update, Google Chrome can also write texts for you. If you want to write something in the browser, you will get help from Google Chrome in the new version. When you right-click on the text box you want to type in, the ‘Help writing’ option appears. Do you choose that? Then Google Chrome will compose a piece of text for you with the new function.

Google chrome mac

Update will appear soon

Very handy, so you no longer have to type all your texts yourself. Do you ever have doubts about typos? Then you can use AI to remove spelling errors from your text, so that there are no more errors in your email or review, for example. Google Chrome will get some cool features that we won’t have to wait long for. The new update will be rolled out in the United States in the coming days.

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In the Netherlands we have to wait a little longer, it is not yet known how long it will take before the new functions come to Google Chrome here. In any case, it is clear that the text generator is not immediately available, because that function will also appear later in the United States. You can enable the AI ​​functions yourself after the update via the Google Chrome settings. Don’t want to use the features? Then you switch them off again. This way you keep the choice in the browser!

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