“Google is working on Nest Wifi Pro router: that’s how much it will cost”

“Google is working on Nest Wifi Pro router: that’s how much it will cost”

Google is working on a more powerful variant of its Nest Wifi router aptly called a “Pro model.” The device comes without extra WiFi points and costs about 199 euros. This is already known.

Nest Wifi Pro Router

Google has more plans with its Nest routers for its upcoming October 6 Made by Google launch event. On the website of the US regulator FCC Information has been leaked about a ‘Nest Wifi Pro 6E Router’, which will probably just be called ‘Nest Wifi Pro’. Earlier it was leaked that a new router is on the way, but now we also know the name and price of the product.

The main difference between the Nest Wifi Pro with wifi6E and the current Nest Wifi is its extra band somewhere between 6 and 7 GHz. This has no direct impact on the speed of your connection, but it does ensure that the connection to devices is more stable. Suppose your internet connection is a highway, then a third lane will be added that a small selection of devices can use. As for the download speed, nothing is known yet. The current Nest Wifi router with WiFi 5 supports speeds of up to 2.2 Gbps.

Leaked prices

We also know through a webshop more about the prices. A Nest Wifi Pro router comes without extra WiFi points as with the current Nest Wifi. You then pay 199 euros. However, you can purchase multiple routers together to expand your WiFi network. For a bundle of two routers you pay about 299 euros and the price is 399 euros for three routers. The advantage of this approach is that each point has an Ethernet port.

The leaks have not yet revealed anything about the design and we do not know whether it can also serve as a smart speaker. He is known to come in four colors: Snow (white), Linen (light brown); Fog (light blue) and lemongrass (a pale yellow or green shade). Are you curious about this Nest Wifi Pro, and could your WiFi network use an upgrade? Let us know in the comments.

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