Google Pixel 6 (Pro) loses signal after December update

Google Pixel 6 (Pro) loses signal after December update

Several Pixel 6 users are complaining of not receiving calls or losing connection to mobile internet at times. It is an error that has crept into Google’s December update and European users in particular seem to be bothered by it.

Pixel 6 (Pro) signal problem

Since the Pixel 6 series got the December security update this week, it has been raining with complaints from users. The phones regularly lose the mobile connection, which leads to missed calls, messages that do not arrive and connection problems in apps.

Androidworld received several tips from readers, including Thomas who has the same problem on their Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro and we also missed a few calls from the editors. The problems have already been raised on Googles Issue Tracker and on reddit. What is striking is that it is mainly European users who suffer from connection problems.

No response from Google

At the time of writing, the exact cause of the error is still unknown, and Google has yet to respond. So it is known whether a restorative patch is on its way and how long it will take before it rolls out. Furthermore, users have also not discovered a temporary remedy for the network problems yet.

Some Pixel 6 users have been experiencing signal issues for some time now. Do you have a device from the Pixel 6 series and are you also bothered by it? Perhaps you have already discovered a workaround for the error? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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