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Download store Google Play Store, the digital Android store, is full of apps, services and games that are not suitable for all ages. That is why it may be wise for you as a parent / guardian to set up parental controls for Google Play. With these options you can easily set an age restriction, making sure that a child does not just download or use something that is not intended for him or her.

It is best to set this on the small Android tablet or smartphone. You open Google Play (Play Store, that colorful triangle on its side) and then tap the three dots at the top of the screen. You see them on the left. Then press Settings. You may need to scroll down a bit, but the option is shown later in the screen Parental supervision. When you activate the function, you must set a strong PIN code. Then you have to enter it again; so don’t make it too difficult for yourself.

Parental control Windows 10
Parental control Windows 10
Parental control Windows 10

Parental control on Google Play

If you tap Apps and games now, you can set the restrictions regarding the age of your child. Age ratings are also used in Google Play, so you don’t have to worry about that. If the child does not meet the age, then that app cannot be used. Once you’ve set everything up, press on the bottom right Save.

Don’t forget to return to the previous menu by tapping the arrow button in the top left corner. If you do not do this or forget about it, the child can undo the parental control settings in Google Play – without having to use the PIN code.

But what if there are applications on the smartphone or tablet that do not actually belong to the age of the child? Those apps are not deleted by Android. Instead, Google Play removes those apps from the Installed list, preventing them from being updated. That is quite strange, since you do not receive notification when there are new versions (which is important in the context of online security with regard to attacks and leaks). In order to be able to update the apps (we can imagine that some children can no longer do without social media), you first have to switch off parental controls. After updating you can switch the mode on again.


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