Gravitational waves and black holes

Astronomers have demonstrated for the first time that the universe is filled with a background “hum” of very long-wave gravitational waves… more

For the first time, the mass of an isolated white dwarf was measured – based on the deformation of its space-time around it… more

Equations that illuminate phenomena in the universe: Humboldt Professor Gustav Holzegel deals with Einstein’s field equations and the curvature of space-time… more

When the first detection of gravitational waves was announced in February 2016, this was celebrated as a milestone in physics. Now the Nobel Prize Committee has awarded this breakthrough the Nobel Prize in Physics. It is awarded to the three physicists who are the founding fathers and midwives of… more

Ligo detector control room, Livingston, Lousiana (Photo: Thomas Bührke) On August 21, 2017, around midday, the sky over the USA from Oregon to South Carolina darkened. On the occasion of this cosmic spectacle, bild der Wissenschaft has looked for a place in the umbra to marvel at SoFi 2017 together with readers. After… more

A few weeks ago, the spectacular detection of space-time oscillations was achieved for the first time. This opens up new access to the universe for astrophysics… more

Physicists have found strong evidence that gravity is not a fundamental force – but may just be a persistent illusion… more

Einstein was right: the Earth creates a small dent in space-time. In addition, as it rotates, it swirls the invisible material that makes up the universe. This is shown by measurements from NASA’s Gravity Probe B probe, which orbited 642 kilometers above the Earth for 16 months in 2004. “The space-time around… more

The four-dimensional space-time of Einstein’s theory of relativity only inadequately describes the dynamics of elementary particles and other problems of modern physics. At least that’s what two theoretical physicists from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles believe. In a theoretical study they propose… more

Scientists reveal the secret of gravity traps: When black holes evaporate, their dark curtain lifts – and everything they have devoured could return to the cosmic stage…. more

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