‘Half of motorists against ban on combustion engine’

Nearly half of German drivers are against a ban on combustion engines, according to a survey commissioned by the German used car website Mobile.de. The elderly in particular are skeptical, but there is a clear call for innovation among young people.

The survey, which was conducted among German drivers, shows that 48.2 percent of those questioned are against a ban on combustion engines. There is, however, a clear contradiction, because 41 percent of the group surveyed indicates that they are in favor of a ban. They believe that the government should regulate so that new technologies can break through. That is why more than a quarter of these proponents already want a ban from 2025. The call for innovation is greatest among young people.

In Germany, the number of EV sales in the first three quarters of this year has more than doubled with 98,610 EVs compared to 2019, according to figures from the European trade association ACEA. However, the share of EVs in total German car sales is still only 0.05 percent. At the beginning of 2020, a total of 136,000 EVs were driving on German roads. Relatively speaking, a pittance in relation to the entire German fleet of 47.7 million passenger cars. The support for EVs in Germany therefore seems to be increasing, but it is not surprising that many Germans are against a ban on combustion engines, given the sales numbers.

Stricter rules

The combustion engine is getting further and further in trouble. In 2025, the European Commission wants to introduce the new Euro 7A emissions standard. the German trade association VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) said earlier that Euro 7A is ‘de facto a ban on cars with combustion engines’, because the set standard – which is not yet known definitively – would be so low that an internal combustion engine is impossible there. could meet. The VDA would like to see the EU also pay more attention to the development of hydrogen technology and synthetic fuels. German motorists are interested in the latter. 55.9 percent of the respondents would prefer driving on synthetic fuel to an electric car.

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