Handy: with this website you can search old Apple Events

Remember when Apple showed off the first AirPods? Or introduced the new look of the iPhone 4? It’s hard to track down these kinds of introductions in the videos of the Apple Events of the time, but with the following website you can pick the moment in no time!

Searching Apple Events: This website makes it easy

If you are a big Apple fan, you sometimes want to revisit old Apple Events or Keynotes. But when you only want to see a certain moment again, it is difficult to find that specific moment.

Handy: with this website you can search old Apple Events

Current Apple Events often last more than an hour, and if you just want to find a short product introduction, you will have to search hard. Still, it is doable, but then you have to use the website below to search the Apple Event.

To search videos from Apple Events and Keynotes at specific times:

  1. Navigate to the context website with the Apple Event search engine;

  2. Type the subject (e.g. AirPods) in the search box and press ‘Search’;

  3. Click on the desired search result and the corresponding moment will open in a YouTube video.

The search engine is still under development, and some topics are a bit harder to find. For example, do you want to see the release of the iPhone 4? Then the first search result is about Siri in iOS 6. Sometimes you have to browse through the search results to find the right moment.

Another quick tip: under the search result you can see the year of the Apple Event. So knowing that the iPhone 4 was launched in 2010 makes it easier to find the right moment in the Keynote.

iphone 11 air pods

Not only Apple Keynotes are searchable

By the way, the website lets you search more than just Apple Events. For example, you can include specific moments in the YouTube videos mr. Beast or Marquis Brownlee sift through. All other topics can be found on the main page of the context website.

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  • Handy: with this website you can search old Apple Events

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