HomeKit in iOS 15: 3 ways Apple is making your home smarter

Quality over quantity. This is how we can best describe HomeKit in iOS 15. The latest iPhone update does not add much, but it does add some nice features. Time for an overview.

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This is how HomeKit improves in iOS 15

In a few weeks you can download iOS 15, the iPhone software update of 2021. Fans have already been able to try the new version for a few months and so we already know a lot about the improvements. In this article, we focus on HomeKit in iOS 15. These features bring the major iPhone update to your smart home.

1. More secure cameras

iOS 15 will remove the limit on the number of HomeKit cameras. Those who currently have the largest Secure Video package (2TB), with which you can store camera images in iCloud, can add an unlimited number of cameras from iOS 15.

Currently the maximum is still 5 cameras. This limit goes to the middle Secure Video package, with 200GB of storage. With the entry-level package (of 50GB iCloud storage) you can store images from one HomeKit camera. In summary, as of iOS 15, the situation looks like this:

Storage Number of cameras Price per month
50GB 1 0.99 euros
200GB 5 2.99 euros
2TB Unlimited 9.99 euros

2. Smart Keys

How easy do you want it to be? From iOS 15 you can create digital house keys. These so-called Home Keys are stored securely in the Wallet app, allowing you to unlock your smart door simply by holding your iPhone (or Apple Watch) nearby.

This new feature is all about convenience. You no longer have to open the Home app and then confirm that you want to open the door. That said, the ball is now in the court of smart door lock makers. After all, they have to support the Home Keys function. It will therefore be extra exciting in the coming period which manufacturers will or will not participate in this initiative.

HomeKit in iOS 15

3. Siri is coming to more smart products

Apple is not yet really getting a foothold in the smart home market. It is still quite tough in certain product groups to buy devices with Apple HomeKit support. Just look at the smart doorbell category, where Amazon Alexa and Google Home users offer a lot more choice.

Fortunately, this will soon change. Siri, Apple’s ‘digital butler’, is going to make the switch to smart products from other assistants. You will soon be able to use the smart voice assistant on many more smart thermostats, radiator controls and other suitable HomeKit products.

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smart thermostat compare featured image

You will soon also be able to schedule the operation of smart home appliances with Siri. An example makes a lot clear. For example, you can tell Siri that the lamp in the living room goes out at 10 p.m., and that the bedroom lamp just switches on. In fact, you create a one-time automation with this.

When is iOS 15 coming out?

iOS 15 will be released in September, when the new iPhones are presented. Apple’s fall keynote is rumored to be on September 14. If this is correct, you will be able to download iOS 15 shortly after this date. We have been using the new iPhone software for a few months now and we share our experiences in the video below.

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