Honda Civic Type-R gets two new versions

Honda is adding two new variations on the Civic Type-R theme to its range. The horny hothatch is available as a puristic Limited Edition and in addition, Honda is bringing a new Sport Line variant of the model.

Honda has devised a limited version for the absolute top version of the Civic range. The naturally striking Civic Type-R will soon also be available as a Type-R Limited Edition. This version, which is limited to 100 pieces for the European market, is more than just a special edition on which some badges have been scattered.

The Civic Type-R Limited Edition stands on lightweight BBS wheels, 20-inch specimens around which Michelin Cup 2 tires are folded. Honda has adjusted the damping and has also adjusted the steering to guarantee as much steering feel as possible. Luxury horses must walk around this Civic with a big bow. To save weight, Honda has not only demolished the infotainment system and air conditioning from the Civic Type-R, the hot Japanese also has to cope with less insulation material in the roof, in the tailgate, in the front bumper and in the dashboard. According to Honda, this results in a weight saving of 47 kilos compared to the Type-R in GT version. Striking fact: the back seat can remain.

The Sunlight Yellow sprayed special edition has a darker model designation on its rear and things like the roof, the side mirror covers and the air intake on the hood are in black. In the interior, red sports seats, a red steering wheel covered with red Alcantara and a special shift knob are given a place to continue the Limited Edition party in the interior of the Civic.

The powertrain is also not tampered with and that means that the Civic Type-R Limited Edition also has a blown 2.0 that releases 320 hp and 400 Nm on the front wheels. A sprint from a standstill to a speed of 100 km / h is over in 5.7 counts, 0.1 seconds faster than the original. The Civic Type-R Limited Edition will be available in Europe this summer. Information for the Dutch market will follow later.

Type-R Sport Line

More Type-R news has to do with the arrival of the new Sport Line version. This gives the regular Type-R a somewhat more modest appearance, while the comfort is slightly increased. This new version has to do without a very high rear spoiler. Honda mounts a much lower one at the top of the rear. We also no longer see the red accents on the side skirts on this version.

The Civic Type-R Sport Line stands on dark 19-inch light alloy, which are equipped with Michelin Pilot Sports 4S tires. They are tires with softer cheeks than the standard ones. Together with additional insulation material in the trunk and in the tailgate, this should ensure a quieter experience in the interior. Things like sports seats, black ones with red stitching, will still be present.

Furthermore, all Civics Type-R benefit from the changes recently presented in Japan and in the United States. You can read more about that here.

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