Honda CR-V: electric version with a preference for hydrogen

Rechargeable hydrogen SUV

Honda CR-V

The new Honda CR-V is available in the Netherlands with a hybrid drivetrain and plug-in hybrid hardware. A fully electric CR-V with fuel cell is now appearing in the United States. We see this for the first time in these spy photos.

In the middle of this year, Honda finally pulled the curtain on the Honda CR-V intended for Europe and therefore also the Netherlands. In the Netherlands it is only available as a hybrid and as a plug-in hybrid. In the United States, Honda will soon launch a variant that uses hydrogen. That in itself is not news. That we now also have the Honda CR-V ‘FCEV’ in the picture is certainly true.

The Honda CR-V with fuel cell will be special. It is common for an electric car to have an extremely small battery on board, which serves as a transfer station between the fuel cell that generates power and the drive axles. However, the Honda CR-V ‘FCEV’ has a relatively large battery pack for a hydrogen car, which you can actually charge yourself with a plug. The Honda CR-V in these photos betrays the presence of its new drivetrain, especially with its rear end. There – unlike the hybrid e:HEV and the plug-in hybrid e:PHEV – no exhaust tips are visible.

The importer tells AutoWeek that he currently has no information about the possible arrival of this CR-V in the Netherlands.

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