Honda makes CarPlay wireless in older cars (but not everywhere)

In the United States, another car brand is rolling out an update to make CarPlay wireless in older cars. Yet in Europe we have to do without it for the time being. How exactly does that work?

Honda makes CarPlay wireless

Honda has announced that older models in the United States will be updated to make CarPlay wireless. This concerns versions of the Honda Accord, which were manufactured between 2018 and 2022. These cars are already equipped with CarPlay, but a cable is still required for this. Consumers can head to a local Honda dealer for the update later this month.

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After that update, CarPlay can be used wirelessly, even in older cars. How much Honda is asking for the update is not (yet) known. It is striking that the brand has made this choice, especially because there are currently many external devices to use CarPlay without a cable. What are the chances that other car brands will follow suit by making CarPlay wireless in older models?


CarPlay without cable is increasingly becoming the norm

As far as we know, Honda is only implementing the update in the United States, so customers in Europe still have to make do without the wireless version. Only the newest and often more expensive cars are now equipped with wireless CarPlay. For example, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda and Kia have released models in 2023 that no longer require a cable.

Kia even came last year an unclear press release, which spoke of an update that would also make CarPlay wireless in older models. In retrospect, this turned out not to be entirely correct, but it is in any case clear that CarPlay without a cable is increasingly becoming the norm. For this you have to buy a completely new car, which is often on the (too) expensive side.

Update for older models unlikely

There are several reasons why older models still need a cable for CarPlay. Bluetooth was simply not fast enough for a wireless version of CarPlay in older cars. There was too much delay between your iPhone and CarPlay, causing navigation systems or audio players to not work properly. That could be solved with a cable, because then you don’t have that delay.

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In addition, many systems in older models simply do not support the wireless version of CarPlay. The delay between CarPlay and your iPhone has now been resolved, but the car itself must support the latest version of CarPlay. Older models would have to receive a special update for this, but it is unlikely that car brands will opt for this.

CarPlay car

This way you can make CarPlay wireless

Instead, car brands are trying to make newer cars more attractive with the wireless version of CarPlay. It therefore appears that Honda is making an exception by updating older models. With this, the car brand is undoubtedly trying to compete with external parties that sell devices to use CarPlay without a cable.

These devices are extremely useful, especially if you do not want or cannot pay top dollar for the latest car. Do you want to know how you can install a wireless version of CarPlay in your car? Then see here what the best dongles are for using CarPlay in your car without a cable. This means you no longer need a cable in your car, even if you have an older model!

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