How to create icon charts in Excel

Instead of a graph in bars, lines or pies, you can easily use icons in Excel to represent data graphically. It is a free add-on that produces great results.


People Graph is an add-on developed by Microsoft itself. The button is already in the Excelribbon, but before you can use this feature, you must indicate that you trust the plug-in. If you don’t see the button with you, you can download it via the tab Insert and from there you go into the group Plugins nasty Download Plug-in. This is how you get to the Store and type in the search box People Graph. The correct add-on will appear at the top of the results list and click the button To apply. From now on you can open the add-in via the green button in the group Plugins.

First you need to activate the add-on.

Select data

The first time you click this button, a so-called people graph appears based on fictitious data. When you click on this sample chart, you will see two buttons in the top right corner. You use the first to select data, the second to adjust the appearance of this graph. By the way, if you click on the first button, you can also change the title of the graph, then use the green button Select your details. Simply drag over the cells you want to add to the chart.

Select the data for the chart.

Shape and theme

With the second button, the gear, you change the looks of the graph. You have three tabs. In the tab Type you come to other layouts, each with their own appearance. If you don’t like the doll, use the tab shape and there is a series of new icons. In this way you can also select icons of houses, clothes, stars, money, and so on instead of figures. The tab Theme brings you to a combination of wallpapers with icons. You can select such a People Graph and drag it wherever you want in the spreadsheet. The nice thing is that the chart is automatically updated when you change the data in the table. At the top right you will also see an arrow in Windows or an info icon in macOS. Below you will find the function remove in case you would like to delete the chart.

Various themes are available.

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