How to host your Palworld server?

@PocketPair: How to host your Palworld server?

@PocketPair: How to host your Palworld server?

Palworld is the new survival game everyone is talking about. Focused on construction, this game takes place in a world populated by mysterious creatures. Released on January 19, 2024, Palworld peaked at 19 million players, demonstrating the dazzling success of the game. In this article, let’s find out how to host your own Palworld server, knowing that Hostinger is among the best web hosts.

The Palworld universe is governed by rules and game settings, fully customizable when you have your own server. The web host then plays a crucial role since it provides the infrastructure necessary to host your game data. It also allows for a stable and secure connection for each player. Using a recognized web host is therefore essential for servers like those present on Palworld, in order to maintain the quality and security necessary during online sessions.

Having a high-performance web host for your Palworld server is essential to guarantee an optimal experience during a game. It provides the necessary technical infrastructure, such as connectivity and bandwidth. With the right host and the right configuration, you can manage several dozen connections simultaneously, without compromising the quality or speed of the game.

Some hosts have specialized in this type of formula, offering offers reserved for the most well-known games, Palworld now being one of them. On this type of formula we find additional tools which facilitate the customization of the management interface of a game, the configuration, the monitoring or even the maintenance of the servers. All of this provides a better experience for players based on their needs.

Hostinger is a web host that has supported more than 29 million users since 2004, whether in the creation or development of efficient and secure websites.

Its main mission is to make web hosting accessible to everyone. To do this, it offers a wide range of solutions adapted to everyone’s needs and budget. In particular, it offers a service exclusively reserved for Palworld.

Its high performance offers foolproof reliability in addition to its ease of use. Formerly little known in the world of web hosting, Hostinger is today a major player, whether in France or throughout the world.

Palworld Server: Why should you use a web host?

Palworld, the game phenomenon of the moment, requires a dedicated server to function. Indeed, unlike single-player games, Palworld relies on a client-server architecture.

This is why the server is of paramount importance to guarantee an optimal gaming experience!

A robust and efficient server infrastructure is crucial for:

  • Manage communication between players: The server offers high computing power, necessary for processing information in real time to transmit it to players smoothly and without latency. This ensures smooth gameplay while handling a large number of players, allowing for a smooth social experience.

  • Host mods and plugins: Many Palworld players use mods to personalize their gaming experience. The server must be able to handle and run them stably.

  • Take advantage of high bandwidth memory: A web host has significant resources, which is beneficial for streaming data in real time and managing multiple players simultaneously.

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The security aspect is also an important point for players when choosing their web host. A crucial question in the world of video games where bugs and hacks can be frequent.

With a quality web host, you will benefit from:

  • Reliability and availability: Web hosts’ servers are reliable, which drastically reduces the risk of breakdowns and service interruptions.

  • Customer Support: The web host offers experienced customer support to help you configure, manage and troubleshoot your Palworld server.

  • Update and security: Web hosts take care of software updates and security patches, always guaranteeing you a stable and secure gaming environment.

  • Regular backups: Web hosts perform regular backups of your server, protecting your data in the event of a technical problem.

  • Protection against attacks: Web hosts have advanced security measures to protect your server against DDoS attacks and other malicious intrusions.

  • Secure environment and data protection: Web hosts implement strict security measures to prevent unauthorized access and hacking of your server. This guarantees the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

Host your Palworld server with Hostinger

Choose an appropriate hosting plan based on identified needs

Do you want to opt for a high-performance and reliable server to play Palworld? VPS (Virtual Private Server) is strongly recommended for most players. It allows for a flexible environment, ideal for the specific needs that the game requires.

Hostinger offers three VPS plans:

  • Game Panel 2: Suitable for small servers with a limited number of players (up to 10).

  • Game Panel 4: Offers more power and flexibility for larger servers (up to 32 players).
  • Game Panel 8: For larger servers

As seen previously, Palworld requires the creation of a dedicated server. It is a highly customizable solution that requires technical knowledge. The dedicated server allows you to choose the processor, RAM and other components according to your needs. However, dedicated servers are more complex to configure and manage than VPS.

For Palworld servers with 32 players, it is recommended to use the Game Panel 4 plan, which offers 16 GB of RAM. This will ensure a smooth and stable gaming experience for all players.

Configure your VPS

This guide explains how to configure your Hostinger VPS to host a Palworld server:

1. Log in to the Game Panel

  • Go to your Hostinger account and select your VPS

  • Click on the “Game Panel” tab

  • Log in using your Hostinger credentials

2. Configuring Server Settings

  • In the Game Panel, go to “Settings”

  • Set your server name, administrator password and server location

  • Choose the number of slots and version of Palworld

  • You can also customize other settings like map and mods

3. Configure VPS via SSH

  • Connect to your VPS via SSH using a client like PuTTY or Hostinger’s built-in terminal

  • Use the SSH login credentials available in your VPS control panel

  • Once connected, you can install additional tools and configure the firewall

4. Create the Palworld instance

  • In the Game Panel, go to “Instances”

  • Click “Add Instance”

  • Select “Palworld” from the games list

  • Choose the configuration options you want

  • Click “Create” to start installing Palworld

Once the installation is complete, your Palworld server will be accessible via the Game Panel. You can then share your server’s IP address and port with your friends so they can connect.

Start the server and log in as administrator

Launch the server:

  • In the Game Panel, go to “Instances”

  • Find your Palworld server and click “Start”

  • The server may take a few minutes to fully start

Log in as administrator:

  • Once the server is started, you can log in as administrator via the Game Panel

  • Click “Console” to open the server console

  • In the console, type the following command:


Replace “administrator_password” with the password you set when configuring the server.

The different settings available

Finally, the Palworld server offers a large number of settings to personalize your gaming experience. Change settings like difficulty, experience rate and much more. Explore the available options and find the ideal configuration for your server and community. Do not hesitate to experiment and consult the documentation to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the different settings available:

  • General: Name, password, location, slots, game version

  • Gameplay: Difficulty, experience, day/night, Friendly Fire, PvP

  • Mods: Activation and Whitelist

  • Advanced: Port, firewall, automatic backups



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Hostinger ticks a lot of boxes, starting with the exhaustiveness of its offers as well as its attractive prices, although not always very clear at first glance. It is at the top of the best and most efficient hosts on the market. Another advantage is that it now has servers in France.

Read the full review Try Hostinger now!

Hostinger Benefits
  • An extremely rich range
  • A foolproof response time
  • NVMe servers in France
  • Attractive prices
Hostinger Disadvantages
  • Low prices with a commitment

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