How to number entire paragraphs in Word

With some business texts it is important that you can quickly refer to a certain paragraph. Microsoft Word has a simple function to automatically number lines, but to only number paragraphs, you have to put in a little more effort. How to number entire paragraphs in Word.

To number lines in Word, go to the tab Layout where you put the button Line numbers finds. A drop-down menu shows several options, but it doesn’t include a function to number only entire paragraphs. You will get that as a summary. First select all paragraphs that need to be numbered.

Then open the tab Start and in the group Paragraph choose a style with a numbered list. Immediately you see that each paragraph gets its own number. If you want to use a different number format, click the arrow next to the button Numbering. You now have a base numbering.

What style do you want to give the paragraph numbering?

List Indents

There are two ways to format the numbers in the numbered paragraph list. Or you use the function Adjust list indents, or you use the ruler. To use the list indents, double-click a paragraph number. This will select all tracks. Then use the right mouse button and choose the command Adjust list indents in the context menu.

In the box Position of number move the numbering relative to the left margin. This does not affect the position of the paragraph text, only the number itself moves a little more to the left or right. Of Indent text on you determine the distance of the paragraphs from the margin.

There is also the option Have number tracked by. Specifies what should come between the number and the first word of the paragraph. For example, if you tab sign select, you can add a tab stop.

You can adjust the position of the numbers as well as the paragraph text.


You can also manually move the numbering and paragraphs using the ruler at the top. If you don’t see a ruler, turn it on via the tab Imagewhere you put a check in Ruler. Select all paragraphs and then drag the top triangle of ruler to the left to position the numbers. Then use the bottom triangle to set the position of the paragraph text.

With the two triangles you can set the distance between the numbers and the text.

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