Huge shortage of rental cars

SIXT car sharing Jaguar I-Pace Amsterdam parking garage

The global shortage of rental cars looks set to become quite acute this year. That writes The Telegraph† After the recent relaxation around the corona virus, people are booking holidays en masse and the demand for rental cars is also increasing. These are available to a lesser extent due to the chip shortage, resulting in enormous scarcity and high prices.

The warning is sounding from the travel world now that many bookings are pouring in. If you want to have a rental car at your holiday destination in the summer, it would be a good idea to arrange it now and count on a lot of extra costs. The prices are in some cases even 250 percent higher than in 2019. If you wait, it may be too late, especially on islands and at well-known holiday destinations. There is advice from the industry that it can pay off to keep your holiday dates flexible or even to book your rental car before arranging a plane ticket.

The impending shortage of rental cars is probably due to a combination of circumstances. Due to the uncertainties surrounding the corona crisis, many companies have postponed expanding their fleet. As a result, rental cars became a lot more expensive last year. At the moment it would actually pay off for rental companies to expand the range again, but it is extra complicated because of the chip shortages and the resulting longer delivery times. Also, some companies increase the amount because of insurance. After all, with a limited supply, lessors can’t afford to miss out on cars.

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