iOS 17.1.1 is out: these issues are (finally) resolved

Apple has released iOS 17.1.1! The update does not bring any new features to your iPhone, but Apple does solve a number of annoying problems.

Apple releases iOS 17.1.1

Just update! Apple has released iOS 17.1.1, which fixes problems on your iPhone. So there will be no new features coming to your phone, so we will have to wait a little longer for iOS 17.2. With the new update, Apple fixes problems with Apple Pay and the Weather app. With the latter, in some cases snow was not displayed properly on the widget on the lock screen.

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With iOS 17.1, Apple Pay was unavailable in some cases after wireless charging of the iPhone in certain cars. This problem reportedly mainly occurred with the iPhone 15 and with devices that were charged wirelessly in a BMW. This has been resolved with iOS 17.1.1, so Apple Pay should work without problems again.

iOS 17.1.1 update

Internet problems not yet resolved

It is striking that Apple does not say anything in the description of the update about the internet problems that many users have been experiencing since iOS 17.1. Many iPhones have less mobile range and a poorer internet connection after installing iOS 17.1. This problem has already been resolved in the test version of iOS 17.2, but it appears that the bug has not yet been resolved in iOS 17.1.1.

In addition, a nasty bug in iOS 17.1 causes iPhones to turn themselves off at night. This causes the iPhone to be completely turned off for a number of hours at night, without this being the intention. This problem mainly occurs if you leave the iPhone on the charger overnight. This bug is also not mentioned in the description of iOS 17.1.1, making it unclear whether this problem has now been resolved.

ios 17 wifi problems

iOS 17.2 is coming in December

It is possible that these bugs are also fixed with iOS 17.1.1, but Apple simply did not mention them in the description of the update. The new iOS version can be installed by everyone from today. You will find the new software version in the settings of your iPhone under ‘General > Software update’. Tap ‘Update Now’ to install iOS 17.1.1 immediately.

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We will have to wait a little longer for new features, because iOS 17.2 will probably be released in December. Your iPhone will then receive a completely new app, Apple Music will be expanded and the action button of the iPhone 15 will have an additional function. Are you curious about what to expect from the next update? Then read here what changes with iOS 17.2!

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