iOS 17.2 release is near – these are the features to look forward to

Apple has the release candidate (RC) released of iOS 17.2, which means the final update will be out soon. These are the best features!

Latest test version iOS 17.2 available

Apple has released several test versions of iOS 17.2 in recent weeks: four betas have been released in total. Now the RC (Release Candidate) released, which is usually the last test version of the software. After the release of the RC, it usually takes less than a week for the final update to arrive. We can probably expect the release of iOS 17.2 next week.

In the release candidate contains all the features of iOS 17.2, which can now be tested by developers to remove any bugs from the software. This means we know which new features are coming to your iPhone next week. We put the best ones together for you!

ios 17.2 diary

1. Diary app comes to iPhone

With iOS 17.2 you get a completely new app, Diary appears on your iPhone. This is an app for tracking your daily thoughts, activities and goals. The app uses your photos, but also the locations you visit, the music and podcasts you listen to, the workouts you do and basically anything else you can think of.

You decide for yourself which data the app can and cannot include when making suggestions. What’s special is that the Diary app also uses AI to help you with topics you need to write about. The proposals you receive for this are based on your behavior. That is, your behavior within your iPhone. Read more about the new Diary app in iOS 17.2 here.

diary app

2. New features for Apple Music

Apple Music gets a number of nice features in iOS 17.2. The music service gets shared playlists, so you can create a playlist in Apple Music together with others. Anyone who joins the list can add, remove or change the order of numbers. Very handy for a party or a long road trip!

Furthermore, there is a new focus for Apple Music. When you let someone else listen to music with your iPhone, the songs they listen to are not included in your recommendations. A new playlist will also appear from iOS 17.2, in which all your favorites can be found. This way you can immediately listen to your favorite songs and albums.

3. Messages are adjusted

Another Apple app that will be adjusted in iOS 17.2 is Messages. You will soon be able to respond to a message more quickly in the Messages app. By pressing and holding your finger on a conversation bubble you can send a sticker in response more quickly. You can choose from a sticker or emoji of your choice. It will then appear in the corner of the message. We are already seeing the same thing with WhatsApp.

In addition, Memojis are more customizable and Contact Key Verification is improved in iOS 17.2. With the latter feature you can use a code to confirm whether you are talking to the correct contact person via Messages. The position is mainly intended for famous people such as politicians, journalists and public figures. There is therefore a good chance that you use the feature little (or not at all).


4. More new features in iOS 17.2

Apple is also making a number of minor changes in iOS 17.2. For example, the action button and the camera of the iPhone 15 will have additional functions. Here are other features you can expect with the release of iOS 17.2:

  • Weather app gets new widgets;
  • Siri you can soon use with your health data;
  • AirDrop is being improved: you will soon also be able to share (flight) tickets by keeping two iPhones together;
  • New widget for the clock will be added in iOS 17.2;
  • It becomes easier to pdf files to be completed on your iPhone;
  • To inform now warns against receiving stickers that contain nude images or other sensitive content;
  • Qi2 support for wireless charging of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14;
  • Wireless charging issues in cars was fixed in iOS 17.2;
  • Action button the iPhone 15 will have a translation function;
  • In iOS 17.2 it is possible to spatial videos can be recorded with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max).
iOS 17 airdrop

This is when iOS 17.2 will be released

Apple usually releases interim updates for the iPhone on a Monday or Tuesday. This means we’re probably running iOS 17.2 December 11 or 12 can install. This will be approximately 7:00 PM Dutch time. So just have to wait a little longer, because the release of iOS 17.2 is coming soon!

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