iOS 17.4: EU is not happy with the lack of web apps on iPhone

With iOS 17.4, web apps will disappear from your iPhone. The EU does not think this is a good idea and is now considering steps. This is what’s going on.

iOS 17.4: EU is not happy with the lack of web apps

In iOS 17.4 you will lose a useful feature. It is then no longer possible to create web apps on your iPhone. Apple decided this because from iOS 17.4 you can install apps from other app stores and therefore also use other browsers (which no longer have Safari as a base under the hood).

install webapp on iPhone

However, the EU is not happy that Apple is going to remove the web apps from the iPhone. EU regulators have now requested more information from Apple and various app developers to find out exactly what the impact of this decision will be.

Apple says the removal of the web apps on the iPhone is in order to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). The DMA was devised by Europe to achieve and maintain a high level of competition in the digital market.

According to Apple, web apps in browsers other than Safari pose a security and privacy risk. Apple adds that only a small portion of iPhone owners will miss this feature.

These are web apps

A web app is an application that you view via the web browser and does not need to be installed on your iPhone (or iPad). You can download the apps directly from Safari on your iPhone. So you don’t have to go to the App Store for this. It is even possible to set notifications in this, just like a real app.

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