iOS 17.4 Release Candidate is out – when will the update appear?

Apple has the Release Candidate of iOS 17.4 released! That means we don’t have to wait much longer for the final version of the update. This is when the update will come to your iPhone.

Release Candidate from iOS 17.4

The Release Candidate (RC) of iOS 17.4 has been released, which is the last test version before the official release. After the release of the RC, it usually takes less than a week for the real version to arrive. So we don’t have to wait much longer for the final update, which will bring major changes to your iPhone. It will finally be possible to install apps from alternative app stores. In that case, you no longer need Apple’s App Store.

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This is the result of new European legislation, which is intended to give (small) developers a fairer competitive position vis-à-vis Apple. That is why the NFC chip must also be opened to third parties. With iOS 17.4, other payment methods will become available in addition to Apple Pay. By the Release Candidate From iOS 17.4 we know what other features are coming to your iPhone. This is changing!

iOS 17.4 rc

iOS 17.4: these are the new features

With the update, Apple introduces a series of new emoji. A shaking head is added and we see a phoenix in the collection for the first time. Here we have listed all the new emoji in iOS 17.4 for you. In addition, Apple Podcasts will add live transcripts, Apple Music will allow you to add songs via music recognition and SharePlay will come to the HomePod.

In the Release Candidate Apple is making further minor adjustments and improvements from iOS 17.4. With the iPhone 15 (Plus) and the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), users see more information about the device’s battery. Siri will also receive a minor update, allowing the voice assistant to announce messages in any supported language.

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Release date of iOS 17.4

The Release Candidate usually appears a week before the official release, so we can expect iOS 17.4 next week. Apple has no other choice, because the new European legislation will come into effect on March 6. Before then, the company must have implemented major changes, which have been incorporated into iOS 17.4. There are also a number of major changes coming to iPadOS 17.4.

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By the Release Candidate we now know for sure that we can install iOS 17.4 next week. Apple often releases new updates on Monday or Tuesday evenings, at 7:00 PM Dutch time. It is therefore expected that the final version of iOS 17.4 will be on Monday March 4 or Tuesday March 5 releases. So keep a close eye on your iPhone next week!

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