iOS 17.4 removes this useful feature (but only in Europe)

With iOS 17.4, your iPhone gets cool new features. Unfortunately, a useful feature will also disappear with iOS 17.4 and only in Europe.

iOS 17.4 removes this useful feature (but only in Europe)

iOS 17.4 brings several features to your iPhone. This way you can install apps from other app stores and you can actually use third-party browsers.

default browser

That about browsers is good news, because you will soon be able to know which browser you are using and you will no longer be stuck with Safari. In the current version of iOS you can also install other browser apps, but they still use the basics of Safari under the hood. That will soon no longer be the case.

However, this change also has a disadvantage. You will also lose a useful function on your iPhone with the introduction of iOS 17.4. Soon it will no longer be possible web apps to install on your iPhone, because they used parts of Safari. It is not yet known whether Apple will soon come up with another solution.

A web app is an application that you view via the web browser and does not need to be installed on your iPhone (or iPad). You can download the apps directly from Safari on your iPhone. So you don’t have to go to the App Store for this. It is even possible to set notifications in this, just like a real app.

When will iOS 17.4 be released?

There is an important new feature in iOS 17.4 and that’s it sideloading. This allows you to use alternative app stores and download apps from them. Apple has until March 6, 2024 to allow app sideloading in EU iOS and iPadOS.

That feature will be added in iOS 17.4 (and iPadOS 17.4), giving Apple a limited time to release the update. So you’ll probably be able to start using iOS 17.4’s new emojis as early as March.

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