iOS 17 update causes Wi-Fi issues (iPhone News #41)

The latest version of iOS 17 is causing WiFi problems for some iPhone owners and we will tell you why you should not put two iPhones on top of each other. This was the most important Apple and iPhone news of the week!

iOS 17 has problems with the WiFi connection

ios 17 wifi problems

Have you already updated your iPhone to iOS 17? Some users are already regretting it because they are encountering some annoying Wi-Fi issues in iOS 17. These are apps that cannot retrieve data and an extremely slow WiFi connection. But where what now?

And there is a (temporary) solution!

This is why you should never put iPhones on top of each other

put iPhone on top of each other

The iPhone is robust and you will not easily see scratches on the screen if you are a little careful. However, there is one thing you should not do: it is better not to put iPhones on top of each other. At least, not in a certain way. Do you do this? Then you run the risk of ugly scratches on the glass.

I don’t want to scratch the glass!

‘iPhone 16 Pro will also have a camera with tetraprism’

camera iPhone 15

We still have some time to wait before the iPhone 16 Pro is released, but the first rumors are now trickling in. According to usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo, the successor to the iPhone 15 Pro will receive a nice upgrade for the camera. The iPhone 16 Pro takes over the special camera from the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

New camera for the iPhone 16 Pro? Bring it on!

A 30W charger for your iPhone? Really worth it?

30W charger

You naturally want to charge your iPhone as quickly as possible and you need a good charging pad for that. You might expect Apple’s 30W charger to be the best buy. However, it is better to use a 20 W charger for your iPhone. We tell you why that is so!

→ This is why a 20W charger is more than enough

iOS 17 makes your old iPhone slower (or not)

ios 17 slow

Almost every major update to iOS, iPhone owners complain that their iPhone has become slower. This is also the case with the update to iOS 17. But is it really the case? And what is it about? Using an iPhone SE 2020, we tested the speed of iOS 17!

And how much slower is that?

Tim Cook explains why we need a new iPhone every year

tim cook apple

Tim Cook recently visited Europe. In an interview during this trip, he made some interesting statements about Apple and the future of the iPhone. He explains, among other things, why you need a new iPhone every year and what he does for the environment.

A new iPhone every year? Why?

Found an iPhone? You must do this

lost iphone

It doesn’t happen often, but if you’ve found an iPhone there are several ways to find out who it belongs to. But nowadays, almost everyone has secured their iPhone with a code or Face ID. But fortunately you can also do something to find the owner.

This is how you find the owner of a found iPhone

Does your iPhone turn off at night? You are not alone

iPhone irritation

Have you noticed that your iPhone turns itself off at night even though the battery still has enough charge? You’re not the only one having this problem. Many iPhone users have now reported that their device turns itself off at night and remains off for hours. But what now?

When will Apple fix this problem?

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