iOS 18: The Biggest Update Ever (iPhone News Week #24)

Apple unveiled iOS 18 this week and it’s the biggest update to your iPhone ever. But that’s not all Apple has shown!

iOS 18 unveiled: largest iPhone update ever (with Apple Intelligence)

iOS 18 control panel change

At WWDC 2024, Apple announced iOS 18 and iPadOS 18! There are a lot of new features coming to the iPhone. It works thanks to the introduction of Apple Intelligence even the largest iPhone update ever, in which almost every app is expanded with new features. Are you also curious about what will change on your iPhone?

These iPhone features are coming soon

watchOS 11: small update, with nice features


The Apple Watch also gets new functions with watchOS 11. It is a smaller update this time, but that is not a problem at all. There are a few nice innovations in it. In the article below you can read all about the most important innovations of watchOS 11!

This will change in watchOS 11

WWDC 2024 missed: these were the 18 most important announcements

18 features wwdc 2024

Apple showed off what they have planned for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and more at WWDC 2024. Actually it was a lot of news, but don’t worry! After watching the video below you will be up to date very quickly and in less than 3 minutes.

Watch the video with the announcements here

AirPods are getting new features in iOS 18 – here they are

airpods ios 18

Apple also announced new features for the AirPods in iOS 18. The earphones have a new way of operating them. But what other new features will the popular AirPods have?

These are the new features of the AirPods

Apple Intelligence: this is what you need to know about Apple’s new AI technology

apple intelligence

Apple finally has Apple Intelligence show, this is Apple’s own AI technology. Almost all Apple apps that are standard on your iPhone have been expanded with useful new functions. Curious about all the new AI features? We put them together for you!

You can do this with Apple Intelligence

CarPlay 2.0 shown at WWDC 2024 (with these new apps)

carplay 2.0 wwdc

Apple already announced in 2022 that CarPlay will receive a major update, but now it really seems to be coming. With the new generation of the operating system you can control many more functions of your car, such as the radio or temperature control. Other car systems are also better integrated with CarPlay.

This is what CarPlay 2.0 looks like!

Apple Vision Pro with visionOS 2 is coming to Europe – here’s when

apple vision pro cost

The Apple Vision Pro was announced a year ago during WWDC 2023. The device has now been for sale in America for some time. On Monday, June 10, Apple announced during WWDC 2024 that the Vision Pro is finally coming to Europe, including visionOS 2. But which countries will the VR glasses come to?

The Apple Vision Pro is coming to these European countries!

Elon Musk may ban iPhones (due to this iOS 18 feature)

musk iphones

iOS 18 includes a host of new Apple Intelligence features. In addition, the iPhone also gets ChatGPT integration, including for generating images and offering writing assistance. For Elon Musk, that’s enough reason to ban the use of Apple devices at his companies, including Tesla, SpaceX and X.

And this is why Elon Musk is banning Apple

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