iPad (2022) vs iPad (2021): that’s how big the differences are

Apple’s latest entry-level tablet is out! It is the 10th generation iPad, also known as the iPad 2022. In this article we take you to the (remarkably large) differences between the iPad 2022 and iPad 2021.

iPad 2022 vs iPad 2021: the differences

The iPad line-up consists of four different models. The iPad mini is mainly compact, the iPad Pro is aimed at the professional user and the iPad Air is considered the golden mean. It has a much larger screen than the iPad mini, but is not as expensive and advanced as the iPad Pro.

In addition, Apple sells a slip-on, which is simply called ‘iPad’. This year, Apple introduced the tenth-generation iPad. The improvements are great. Gone are the home button, Lightning port and curved sides. And there’s a larger 10.9-inch screen.

Still, it is difficult to choose, because the iPad 2022 is considerably more expensive than its predecessor. So: is the price increase worth the money? Or better go for the iPad 2021, which is hundreds of euros cheaper. We compare the iPad 2022 with the iPad 2021 to find out.

Table of contents iPad 2022 vs iPad 2021

1. Design

If you put the two iPads next to each other, you will see major differences. The iPad 2022 has a modern design, which is very similar to the rest of the iPad family. The sides are flat, as is the back. The home button has also disappeared, making the edges around the screen considerably smaller.

Incidentally, the iPad 2022 is still equipped with Touch ID. Apple has integrated the fingerprint scanner into the power button, which is located at the top right of the screen. With the iPad 2021 you press the home button.

Another difference is the color palette. The iPad 2021 is only available in Space Gray and Silver. The new iPad 2022 has a lot more exuberant colors: blue, pink and yellow. In addition, you can still opt for the silver shade.

2. Screen

Because the home button has disappeared with the iPad 2022, there is room for a larger screen – while the iPad has remained about the same size. The iPad 2021 has a 10.2-inch display, while the iPad 2022 has a larger screen diagonal of 10.9 inches.

what are the prices of the iPad 2022?

Apart from the size, the screens are almost the same. They both have a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch, brightness up to 500 nits and True Tone technology. Also, the iPads both lack the same thing: a laminated display is missing, as well as anti-reflective coating and ProMotion technology. You won’t get a better screen with the iPad 2022, it’s just a bit bigger.

3. Camera

Striking with the iPad 2022 is the position of the front camera. Apple has moved it to the long side, so that you can simply lay the screen horizontally during video calling. If you do that with the iPad 2021, the position of the camera (left or right of the screen) makes it seem as if you are looking past the screen. The quality of the camera (with a 12 MP sensor) is otherwise the same.

That does not apply to the rear camera. It has been upgraded with the iPad 2022, because there is a 12-MP wide-angle camera. With the iPad 2021, the quality is less good with 8 MP. Ask yourself how important this is, because you probably take most of the photos with the iPhone’s better camera that you always carry with you.

4. Apple Pencil and Keyboard

Both entry-level iPads can only handle the first-generation Apple Pencil. This makes them the only iPads that Apple sells without Apple Pencil 2 support.

The iPad 2022 with the Magic Keyboard Folio

Where the iPad 2022 and iPad 2021 do differ, is the support for the Apple keyboard. The iPad 2022 can handle the new Magic Keyboard Folio (€299), which turns your iPad into a true MacBook. It’s a keyboard, stand, and trackpad in one. The iPad 2021 can only handle the Smart Keyboard Folio (€199), which does not include a trackpad. This is of course only a disadvantage if you are planning to buy such a pricey accessory.

5. Processor

The tenth-generation iPad makes a leap when it comes to processing power. There is an A14 Bionic chip inside, which had already found its way to the iPhone 12 series. It makes for a small speed difference. but most importantly, your iPad is assured of software updates for one year longer.

6. Prices

Then in this iPad 2022 vs iPad 2021 comparison we now come to the biggest difference: the price. While the iPad 2021 had a starting price of 389 euros last year, the iPad 2022 now costs two hundred euros (!) more. The price starts at 589 euros.

Incidentally, Apple is still selling the 2021 iPad, which has become more expensive. The starting price is now 439 euros. These are the prices:

iPad 2022 Prices

  • iPad 2022 (64 GB, Wi-Fi): €589 euros
  • iPad 2022 (256 GB, Wi-Fi): €789 euros
  • iPad 2022 (64GB, Cellular): €789
  • iPad 2022 (256 GB, Cellular): €989

The iPad 2022 will be in stores from October 26. You can already pre-order the tablet at Amac, among others.

iPad 2021 prices

  • iPad 2021 (64 GB, Wi-Fi): €439 euros
  • iPad 2021 (256 GB, Wi-Fi): €639 euros
  • iPad 2021 (64 GB, Cellular): €609
  • iPad 2021 (256 GB, Cellular): €809

The iPad 2021 is offered much cheaper at various stores. The best prices can be found below.

iPad 2022 or iPad 2021: which one should I choose?

The iPad line-up consists of four different models and the entry-level iPad serves a clear target group. It’s an iPad for people who don’t care much about the latest and most advanced features. They ‘just’ want an iPad. For browsing, watching videos and playing a game now and then.

If you belong to that group, the iPad 2021 is the tablet with the best price-quality ratio. It looks less modern and the screen is slightly smaller, but you save hundreds of euros. If you would like more processing power and a better (and larger screen), then the iPad Air 2022 and iPad Pro 2022 are the better options.

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