iPad Air will not get mini LED (but there will be a secret iPad in 2024)

The iPad Air 2024 will be released soon, but unfortunately will not have a mini-LED screen. There will be a ‘secret’ iPad this year. This is what you can expect!

iPad Air will not get mini LED

We don’t have to wait much longer for the iPad Air 2024, because Apple has announced a new iPad event. On May 7 at 4:00 PM Dutch time, Apple presents the new tablets. Both the iPad Pro and the iPad Air will then appear. It is already clear that Apple is switching to OLED screens for the first time with the iPad Pro. According to rumors, the iPad Air would take over the mini-LED screen of the iPad Pro 2022.

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The iPad Air will appear for the first time this year in a 10.9 and 12.9-inch version. Apple already used a mini-LED display on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, so the iPad Air could easily take over the screen. Previous rumors therefore predicted that the iPad Air would get the new screen technology, but according to Apple expert Ross Young, this is not correct.

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Secret iPad in 2024

We therefore see an LCD screen again on the iPad Air, in both the small and large versions. Young is an expert in the field of displays and has made correct predictions before. It is therefore likely that Apple will wait for the mini-LED screens for the iPad Air. However, that won’t have to last long, according to Young, because Apple still has a secret iPad planned.

This secret iPad is expected in the last quarter of 2024. According to Young, it is a 12.9-inch iPad, so there is a good chance that the iPad Air will still have a mini-LED screen. A new version of the iPad Air will probably be released in the autumn, in addition to the new ‘normal’ iPad and the iPad mini 7. Apple will therefore probably release no fewer than five new generations of the iPad in 2024.

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New accessories for the iPad

At the Apple event on May 7, the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024 will be announced, Apple’s first tablets since 2022. Now that it is clear that the iPad Air will have to do without a mini LED, it seems that the iPad Pro in particular will have a getting a major update. The tablet will have support for MagSafe, an OLED screen and a modified design. The iPad Air 2024 will switch to the M2 chip and will have a 12.9-inch version for the first time.

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Later in the year, Apple will reportedly release an iPad Air with a mini-LED display, which will probably happen in October. We can expect new accessories for the iPad this month. It seems almost certain that the Apple Pencil 3 will be released on May 7 and a new keyboard will probably be released for the iPad Pro. Would you like to know more about the iPad event? Then read here what you can expect from the first Apple event of the year!

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