iPad Pro 2024 is very thin (but will that make it bend faster?)

The iPad Pro 2024 is the thinnest iPad ever, but does that also make the tablet more likely to bend? Here you will find the answer!

iPad Pro 2024 is very thin (will this make it more likely to bend?)

Apple said during the presentation of the iPad Pro 2024 that this new iPad is the thinnest tablet ever. In fact, it was even the thinnest Apple product to date. We admit, this makes the very slim tablet look sleek, but has this top-of-the-line iPad also become more sensitive to bending?

Several YouTube channels also wondered this and quite a few test results can now be found on the video site. In a video of JerryRigEverything It is easy to see how ‘easily’ you can bend the iPad Pro 2024.

When the iPad Pro 2024 is held horizontally, it is virtually impossible to bend the tablet. The iPad Pro 2024 certainly doesn’t like being bent like this, because in the video you can see that the edge of the screen is coming loose slightly, but everything still works and the tablet is not broken.

It’s a different story when the iPad Pro 2024 is held vertically. Then the iPad Pro 2024 quickly breaks in half. The weakest point is the USB-C port. Thanks to the bending, it presses through the glass on the front, and thus the iPad Pro 2024 in the video came to an end.

Still, the YouTuber was not dissatisfied and the iPad Pro 2024 is quite sturdy. The new, thinner tablet is about as sturdy as the previous model, the iPad Pro 2022.

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