iPadOS 18: these are the best new features coming!

Apple has presented iPadOS 18, which means that all kinds of new features will come to your iPad in September. We have listed the best ones for you!

The best new features of iPadOS 18

iPadOS 18 brings the necessary changes and features, including to the home screen. This way you can determine the location of the icons and it is possible to adjust the colors. But there are many more new features coming. You can expect these features!

Math Notes Calculator

It may not be obvious to call a calculator fun, but in this case it is justified. In the new one Math Notescalculator, you can type or write down mathematical formulas and immediately see how they are solved in your own handwriting. That makes it one of the nicest new features of iPadOS 18.

Furthermore, you can type or write an equation and convert it into a graph with a single tap. You can even put multiple equations on the same graph so you can see the relationships between them. You can easily find previous calculations in the history and there is a handy function to quickly convert height, weight and currencies, among other things.

Math Notes Calculator


SmartScript is specially designed for Apple Pencil and converts handwritten text into readable text that still looks like your handwriting. Moreover, you can edit your handwritten text just as easily as typed text. With the Apple Pencil you can easily add white space, delete a sentence or insert typed text.

iPadOS 18

New design of the control panel

The new design of the control panel makes it easier to access the controls you often use. Those controls are now grouped by function, for example to play media or make a network connection.

It is now also possible to put controls for supported third-party apps in the control center. With the new Controls API, developers have all the tools at their disposal to make users’ lives easier. For example, because they can quickly open their car or immediately record something for social media.

iPadOS 18 control panel
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Renewed Photos app

The updated Photos app is also one of the nicest new features of iPadOS 18. The app now makes much better use of the larger size of the iPad. Thanks to the new collections, you can now more easily view all photos with a specific theme without having to put them in an album first. You can also pin collections so you have your favorites at your fingertips.

The featured photos are now in a carousel view, which is refreshed every day. You can autoplay your content anywhere in the app, and because each photo library is unique, you can organize the collections. You can also choose where to pin which collection and which photos are shown in the carousel.

iPadOS 18 features

Apple Intelligence makes your iPad more fun

One of the nicest new features of iPadOS 18 is Apple Intelligence. With Apple Intelligence and the built-in writing assistant Writing Tools you can improve, rewrite, check and summarize texts in a new way in apps such as Mail, Notes, Pages and third-party apps.

In addition, you create with Image Playground fun images in no time, where you can choose from the Animation, Illustration or Sketch styles. Image Playground is integrated into apps like Messages and is also available as a standalone app.

iPadOS 18 Image Playground

More features of iPadOS 18

With iPadOS 18, many new features come to your iPad, the best of which we have now introduced to you. But of course there are many more. We have listed a few more below.

  • The new Clean Up tool finds and removes distracting objects from your photos;
  • The new app Passwords securely stores all your login details, passwords, verification codes and security notifications;
  • SharePlay has received a number of new features. By tapping and drawing on the screen you can draw attention to something. You can even ask permission to take over someone’s device remotely;
  • In agenda The activities and tasks you have placed in the Reminders app are now also listed. You can also create a reminder directly from Calendar, edit it and mark it as completed.
  • Gaming gets better on iPad thanks to Game Mode and Personal Spatial Audio;
  • New in the field accessibility are Eye Tracking, a built-in feature that allows you to operate iPad using only your eyes, and Vocal Shortcuts, which allow you to execute a command by making a sound of your choice.

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