iPhone 14: major leak reveals secrets about the specifications

The iPhone 14 is coming soon, and a new leak reveals several secrets about its specs. iPhoned tells you everything you need to know about the hardware of the new iPhone!

iPhone 14 specs: leak exposes secrets

In a blog post, user yeux1122 more information about the iPhone 14. This account has already brought out many rumors, some of which turned out to be true. Still, it’s important to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Now the account says it knows more about the specifications of the iPhone 14. The leak reveals several secrets about the storage memory, price, processor and charging of the iPhone 14.

iphone 14 pro max concept

‘New A16 chip regulates heat better’

In the blog post can be read that some of its sources already have an iPhone 14 in their hands. They told him that the storage space of the iPhone 14 remains the same as its predecessors.

The new A16 chip (which we expect in the iPhone 14 Pro) is mainly better at regulating heat according to various benchmarks. That’s especially good news for battery life. However, the chip is not much more powerful than the A15 chip, which is in the iPhone 14 (Max).

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In the blog post you can also read more about the price of the iPhone 14. According to the message, the prices will remain at the suggested retail price of the iPhone 13 in 2021 (909 euros). Whether this is all true, we cannot say for sure. We have already heard rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro is going up sharply in price.

Rumor: ‘iPhone 14 will get a 30-watt fast charger’

Yeux1122 also makes some bold claims. For example, the iPhone 14 would get a 30-watt fast charger and an exclusive MagSafe accessory will be included with this flagship. He also says that his source is the redesign of the notch ‘looks better’ than the old notch.

Finally, he opens a book about the alleged titanium housing of the iPhone 14 Pro. He reports that “a prototype of the titanium housing did exist,” but that cost and manufacturing process prevented this option.

Whether these claims are true we will know next week on September 7th. Then Apple will unveil the iPhone 14 models along with the Apple Watch Series 8 (Pro).

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