iPhone 14 Pro cheaper than ever before at Belsimpel

Belsimpel is back with the Bizarre Belsimpel Days! There are a lot of Apple products available with a great deal, including the iPhone 14 Pro, which is now cheaper than ever. We’ll tell you everything about the deal.

Bizarre Belsimpel Days are back

The Bizarre Belsimpel Days are back. That means you until October 1 benefits from great offers. There are also plenty of great deals for Apple enthusiasts. The iPhone 14 Pro is now cheaper than ever at Belsimpel.

The promotions only apply during the promotional period and for products that are in stock. Out of stock? Then you are unfortunately out of luck and the deal passes you by.

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iPhone 14 Pro: up to 252 euros discount

iPhone 14 Pro

The latest iPhone was recently presented, but the iPhone 14 Pro is still an extremely powerful smartphone. On the inside you will find the A16 Bionic processor, which handles every task with ease. You also get a battery capacity that will help you get through the day with ease.

With this iPhone, Apple introduced a camera set with a higher resolution than 12 megapixels. The iPhone 14 Pro captures precious moments with 48 megapixels, so that photos are packed with detail. You also have access to a wide-angle lens, telephoto lens and of course a selfie camera.

Also for the first time: the Dynamic Island. The end of the notch is finally near. This ‘island’ looks different per activity and adapts to what you are doing at that moment. Do you listen to Spotify? Then you can immediately go to the next song or pause the music in this small bar. Are you cooking? Then you can set a timer so that you know exactly how long your pasta still needs to cook.

You can now get the iPhone 14 Pro at a very affordable price, because it has never been so cheap. You pay with a KPN subscription at Belsimpel 840 euros for the device. This means that you buy it with a 252 euro advantage compared to the ransom price. Be quick!

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Many more bizarre deals

Does the iPhone 14 Pro not quite suit you? Fortunately, Belsimpel has many more great deals. The iPhone 14 can also be purchased cheaply in combination with an Odido subscription 253 euros benefit. Or maybe your smartwatch needs an upgrade: you can pick up the Apple Watch SE 2022 at Belsimpel for 264.95 euros.

Apple watch SE

Not ready for a new iPhone, but is your subscription coming to an end? Then take out your new SIM-only subscription during the Bizarre Belsimpel Days. With all one- and two-year Budget Mobiel subscriptions you will receive a temporary gift of Sennheiser earplugs worth 129.90 euros. Prefer Lebara? Then you will score Sony earbuds (valued 99.95 euros) with your two-year subscription from 5GB data.

  • iPhone 14 in combination with Odido subscription: up to 253 euros benefit
  • Apple Watch SE 2022 40mm gold/silver: for 264.95 euros
  • Apple Watch SE 2022 44mm silver: for 298.95 euros
  • Budget Mobile SIM only: Sennheiser earbuds gift worth 129.90 euros
  • Lebara sim only: Sony earbuds gift worth 99.95 euros
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