iPhone 15 battery test: this iPhone has the best battery

Do you want to know which iPhone has the best battery? In this battery test for the iPhone 15 there is one big winner!

iPhone 15 battery test

Every iPhone 15 has a pretty good battery, but which version of the iPhone has the best battery life? You may immediately think of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but nothing could be further from the truth.

iPhone 15 battery

The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes close, but there is only one iPhone 15 in this battery test that stands head and shoulders above the rest. YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss compared the battery life of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max side by side.

Watch the full iPhone 15 battery test video below!

This iPhone has the best battery

At the end of the test there is only one really big winner. The iPhone 15 Plus holds up 13 hours and 19 minutes full in the battery test. This is longer than the iPhone 15 Pro Max which could ‘only’ last 11 hours and 41 minutes on a charge. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is in third place with 11 hours and 19 minutes. Unfortunately, the iPhone 14 Plus was missing from this test.

iPhone 15

Keep in mind that in this test the iPhones were used constantly. If you use your iPhone normally, it is often in your pocket or on the table. This may mean that the end result is slightly different during normal use.

But are you someone who constantly has your iPhone in your hands and uses it (very) a lot? If you want to use your iPhone for the longest time without having to charge it, you should go for the iPhone 15 Plus.

Buy iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is Apple’s latest iPhone. There are a total of four iPhones again this year: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. But do you want the device that comes out on top in the iPhone 15 battery test? Then you should go for the iPhone 15 Plus. Do you want the best iPhone with the most functions and an (almost as) good battery? Then go for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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