iPhone 15 charger: you must have this!

If you buy an iPhone 15, the charging cable may not fit into your old charger. In this article you can read which new charger you should buy.

iPhone 15 charger

If you don’t buy a new iPhone every year, there is a chance that you still have an old charger with a USB A connection. It will therefore not be possible to connect your iPhone 15 to such a charger. Not with the old cable (‘USB A to Lightning’), nor with the new cable (‘USB C to USB C’).

Apple has been adjusting its chargers since the arrival of the iPhone 12. Since then, there is no longer a USB A connection, but a USB C connection. With the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 you get a ‘USB C to Lightning’ cable. From the iPhone 15 onwards, there is no longer a Lightning connection on the iPhone, so you will receive a ‘USB C to USB C’ cable.

iphone 15 charger

A new cable or a new charger

To be able to charge directly into a socket again, you can do two things. If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can buy a new cable (‘USB A to USB C‘). Although that certainly works, it is good to remember that those old chargers with a USB A connection only supply 5 watts. Current chargers deliver 20 watts and therefore charge much faster.

So it is best to purchase a new charger with sufficient power for your iPhone 15, to which you can connect your new ‘USB C to USB C’ cable. You are therefore well prepared for the next iPhone generations.

iPhone 15: this is the best charger

Your iPhone 15 can charge extra quickly, provided you have a suitable charger. There are chargers from 20 W, 30 W to even 96 W. The more wattage, the more money you spend. But how many watts does your charger really need to charge your iPhone 15 as quickly as possible?


It turns out that an iPhone 15 charges with 27 watts with sufficient wattage. A charger of more than 30 watts is therefore of no use and with a charger of less than 20 watts charging is a lot slower. That is why we recommend purchasing a 30-watt charger for your iPhone 15. Of course we have looked for a good deal for you, so take your chance:

  • iPhone 15 charger (30 W) at Coolblue for 29.99 euros

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