iPhone 15 Pro drop test: is titanium really better?

The iPhone 15 Pro has a new titanium casing, but does that make it more resistant to impacts? You will find out in this iPhone 15 Pro drop test!

iPhone 15 Pro drop test

The iPhone 15 (Plus) and iPhone 15 Pro (Max) have just been released. The Pro versions now have a partially titanium housing. The sides of both the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max are made of this material.

iPhone 15 Pro drop test: is titanium really better?

According to Apple, this makes the iPhone a bit lighter and titanium has “one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal.” But how well does the new housing of the iPhone 15 Pro withstand a drop test?

The YouTube channel ‘AppleTrack’ also wanted to know this and put it to the test. In the video, a drop test is done with the iPhone 15 Pro. For comparison, the iPhone 14 Pro is also included in this test.

Both iPhones survived the first drop tests without too many problems. But after a significant drop on the screen, the first small cracks appear on the screen of the iPhone 15 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro remains quite crack-free. According to the video, this is due to the rounded corners of the iPhone 15 series. After that, things go downhill faster and faster for the iPhone 15 Pro.

After several drop tests, the iPhone 15 Pro is looking increasingly battered. But the iPhone 14 Pro still manages to pass the drop test quite damage-free. Until the last big drop, then things also go wrong with the 14 series.

The iPhone 14 Pro was also badly damaged after the last test, but the iPhone still worked and the camera can also be used. The iPhone 15 Pro has now given up and can no longer be used at all. In fact, Apple’s latest smartphone is even in pieces.

Conclusion iPhone 15 Pro drop test

Both iPhones passed the first few drop tests quite well. Only after a few times did the first cracks appear on the iPhone 15. That is why it remains important to put your brand new iPhone 15 in a case.

Have you already purchased an iPhone 15 (Plus) or iPhone 15 Pro (Max), but you don’t have a case yet? Then check the article below. We have put together some of the best cases for you there. Then there is certainly a nice case for you (and your iPhone 15 Pro will stay intact longer than the device in this drop test).

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