iPhone 15 won’t get leather cases from Apple (and that’s a shame)

Various rumors say that Apple will not release new leather cases for the iPhone 15. But what then?

No leather cases for Apple’s iPhone 15

According to various rumors, Apple is not planning to release leather cases for the iPhone 15. According to the Twitter user DuanRui the iPhone 14 was the last to get the leather cases.

iphone 14 cases new colors

Not much information is known about this rumor. But ShrimpApplePro and 9to5Mac say they’ve heard the same rumors from other sources. So it seems that there really won’t be any more leather cases for the iPhone 15.

It would be a shame if Apple did indeed stop offering leather cases. That is why we have put together five reasons why the leather covers of the iPhone are secretly nice.

  • Luxurious appearance: leather cases look elegant and stylish;
  • Protection: Leather cases offer good protection against scratches, bumps and light drops;
  • Comfortable to use: leather has a smooth feel and your iPhone therefore fits comfortably in your hand;
  • Unique patina: Over time, leather has a unique patina, which gives the case its own character;
  • Texture and grip: The leather provides a better grip and prevents your iPhone from slipping out of your hands.

Leather cases for the iPhone: since 2013

Apple first released the leather covers in 2013. That was at the time of the iPhone 5S (remember those?). With every new iPhone came new leather cases, often with their own specific colors. In all those years, not much has changed with the covers. Aluminum buttons and MagSafe appeared, but the covers still look almost the same now.

Which iPhone 15 cases do we expect

Although this seems to mean the end of leather cases (also for the iPhone 15), it does not necessarily mean that Apple will come up with an alternative. For example, we can very well imagine that Apple will come up with a more animal-friendly solution that does not contain any leather.

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