iPhone 16 Pro (Max) gets new colors: this is what it looks like

The iPhone 16 Pro (Max) is coming this year and will reportedly come in new colors. New rumors already reveal what these colors are!

iPhone 16 Pro colors

It will take a while before Apple announces the iPhone 16 Pro, because the phone will not be released until after the summer. Yet we know more and more about Apple’s next phone, for example it is already known that the iPhone 16 Pro no longer has Dynamic Island. Instead, we only see a small notch for the camera. New rumors now also reveal which colors the iPhone 16 Pro will have.

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The colors of the iPhone 15 Pro were not very exciting. You can choose from natural, blue, white and black titanium on the phone. Few bright shades, which probably has to do with the new titanium casing. We reportedly see lighter colors on the iPhone 16 Pro. Curious about the new colors of the iPhone 16 Pro (Max)? Rumors predict these are the shades:

iphone 16 colors

Four versions iPhone 16 Pro (Max)

The iPhone 16 Pro (Max) is expected to appear in four versions, with the colors space black, white, gray and rose. This means that we will see completely different colors than with the iPhone 15 Pro. For example, space black is darker than the black titanium version. The same applies to the white variant, which is clearly white than the white titanium version of the iPhone 15 Pro.

We have never seen pink and gray on an iPhone with a titanium housing before. Rosé is particularly noticeable, because it means that you will soon have the option to choose a much lighter color for the iPhone 16 Pro (Max). We did not see such light colors on the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) last year. It is expected that the iPhone 16 Pro and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be released in the same colors.

iphone 15 colors

More about the new colors

Rumors previously predicted that the iPhone 16 Pro (Max) in ‘Titanium Gray‘ and ‘Desert Titanium‘ released. You can partly see those colors in the new gray and pink shade in the image. Nothing is known yet about the colors of the ‘normal’ iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus. The regular iPhone usually appears in slightly happier and lighter tones, as was also the case with the iPhone 15 (Plus).

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In the meantime, we are still waiting for the new spring color of the iPhone 15 (Plus). Apple releases the existing iPhone series in a new color every spring. The iPhone 15 (Plus) has to make do without the spring color for now, but it is expected that this will change soon. The new iPhone will probably arrive at the same time as the iPad Air and iPad Pro 2024. Read more about the new color of the iPhone 15 (Plus) here!

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