iPhone 16 problem: edges are so narrow that the display breaks

The edges of the iPhone 16 will become even narrower, but that does cause some problems. However, narrower edges also have advantages.

iPhone 16 problem: edges are so narrow that the display breaks

According to rumors, the iPhone 16 will have a slightly larger screen. Apple does this by making the edges of the screen even thinner. But these very thin edges cause problems for manufacturers such as LG Display and Samsung Display. In fact, it is even said that no company has yet achieved the production speed that Apple envisions.

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To make the edges thinner, the circuit boards and other electronics in the iPhone must be placed even closer together. In addition, part of the wiring must be pressed together. This makes it more difficult to make these parts of the next iPhone. In addition, the tightly packed wiring can cause overheating. It even happens that the screens become defective as a result.

The fact that the edges are becoming thinner is of course nice: it looks sleeker and you get a bit more screen. However, the rumors do not say how much thinner the edges will become. This will probably only be visible if you place the iPhone 15 next to the iPhone 16. It is also not known which of the iPhone 16 models will have the narrower edges. There is a good chance that only the Pro models will receive this ‘upgrade’.

iPhone 16 features

However, there will be a few more changes with the iPhone 16 if we can believe the leaked dummy models of the upcoming iPhone. If we put them side by side, you will see that the iPhone 16 Pro is a little bit larger than the iPhone 16. And the iPhone 16 Pro Max is very slightly larger than the iPhone 16 Plus.

The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a 6.3-inch display (0.2 inches larger than that of the iPhone 15 Pro) and the iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a 6.9-inch display (also 0.2 inches larger). than that of its predecessor).

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