iPhone SE 2022 bought? Four tips to prepare your old iPhone

It won’t be long before the new iPhone SE 2022 arrives in the letterbox. Do you want to quickly transfer your old data? Prepare your iPhone well with these four tips! In this article we tell you what you should think about.

Four tips to switch from iPhone to iPhone

The time is almost here! The iPhone SE 2022 on your doorstep. Of course you want to tear open the package and peel off all the protective layers. To start playing with your new iPhone as soon as possible (and carefree), you should think about the following things in advance! Follow these four tips and be perfectly prepared for the switch to your new iPhone.

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1: Make a backup before switching to your new iPhone

If you plan to fill your new iPhone SE 2022 with data that you have stored on your iCloud, it is useful to make a backup beforehand. If you do this now, it will save time when your new SE is at home. This ensures that the transition from your old iPhone to your new iPhone is seamless. If you want to restore the data via the ‘start immediately’ option on your new iPhone, it is still important to make a backup. Sometimes there are weird bugs that cause problems and may disrupt transmission. Before you know it you will have lost all your data.

In Settings, select your profile, then tap iCloud. Scroll down and choose iCloud Backup. Here you enable the option. Check when your last saved backup was. If it’s been a long time, tap ‘back up now’. It is also useful to back up your photos in this menu. Because your new iPhone doesn’t have to load all your photos on the first startup, that saves some waiting time.

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2. Make sure the software on your old iPhone is up to date before switching

To ensure a smooth transition from one device to another, you want your old iPhone to be running the same iOS version. In this way, apps do not crash and you already retain settings in the correct way. If the software versions differ greatly, it is sometimes possible that not all settings are included.

Open your Settings app and select ‘General’. Then tap on ‘Software Update’. Install any pending updates. It is also possible to check ‘Automatic updates’ if you do not want to manually update your iPhone every time.

3. Export your Two-Step Verification Codes

This is an important one and one that is often forgotten. If you use an authentication app on your iPhone to create two-step authentication codes, you’ll need to export it and take that file with you to your new iPhone SE 2022. Otherwise, you won’t be able to log in anywhere with this new iPhone. If you deleted this app on your old phone, you’ll have to go through a lot of twists and turns to log back into important websites.

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An example of such an app is Google Authenticator† This protects your accounts extra well by means of two-step verification. The app gives you a code that you enter next to your password to log in to your accounts. The app refreshes the codes every 30 seconds. We have already explained how you can conveniently take these login details with you to your new iPhone.

4. Don’t immediately erase the data on your old iPhone!

Maybe this last tip is obvious, but maybe you didn’t even think about it. Of course, you don’t delete the data until your new iPhone SE 2022 is at home (duh, you’re not going to be iPhone-less for a few days anyway). In any case, once you’ve transferred all your data, wait a few more days or weeks to “factory reset” your old iPhone. You will still miss that one important voice message. Or have you lost those login details that are on your old iPhone?

To prevent this, we recommend that you wait a while before deleting your data from your old iPhone.

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Followed the iPhone switching tips? then read this.

We’ve already figured out the best (and fastest) ways to transfer all your data to a new iPhone for you. Whether you do it via ‘start immediately’, iCloud or via your Windows laptop, we have listed everything you need to do during the transfer itself. If you’re coming from an Android smartphone and moving to iOS, check out another tip article from iPhoned.

Don’t want to lose your WhatsApp conversations either? Check out our tip in which we explain exactly how this works.

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