iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 13 (mini): the main differences

Do you doubt between the new iPhone SE 2022 and the iPhone 13 (mini)? There are several important differences between the two devices. We list them for you.

iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 13 (mini

The iPhone SE 2022 and the iPhone 13 (mini) are evenly matched in many ways. Both devices have a super-fast A15 chip and 5G internet. The phones are also built from the same sturdy glass and aluminum. However, there are reasons for the large price difference between the devices. In this iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 13 (mini) comparison, we put the two smartphones side by side for you.

1. Design: old and new

The design of the new iPhone SE has remained the same as the design of the iPhone SE 2020 – which had the same design as the iPhone 8. That means that the smartphone has an iconic but old-fashioned look. The device has a large forehead and a thick chin with a round home button. The aluminum sides of the iPhone SE are rounded, making the device pleasant to hold. With its 4.7 inch screen, the phone is nice and compact, thin and light.

iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 13 (mini): the main differences
iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone 13 (mini) has a more modern iPhone design, which we first saw with the iPhone X in 2017. The smartphone has thin, symmetrical screen edges and a notch for the selfie camera. This notch has become smaller than the notch of the iPhone 12 and older iPhones.

The aluminum sides of the iPhone 13 (mini) are angular and flat. The smartphone therefore feels a bit sharper and squarer compared to the iPhone SE. It’s a matter of taste, but we think the straight sides of the 13 look a bit tighter.

iPhone 13
iPhone 13

2. Cameras: iPhone 13 wins by a big margin

The iPhone SE 2022 has a single 12 megapixel lens on the back. Whether the technical specifications have changed compared to its predecessor is not entirely clear, but Apple has indeed made software improvements. For example, the camera uses Smart HDR 4, so that the dynamic value is high. Thanks to Smart HDR 4, both the light and dark parts of a photo are clearly visible.

Apple has given the iPhone 13 (mini) a significantly better camera system. The device has two different lenses. These are a 12-megapixel main lens and a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens. Both cameras let in much more light than the iPhone SE’s camera. This makes photos in low light better and you can expect more sharpness, better colors and better details even in good lighting conditions.

Apple iPhone 13

In addition, the iPhone 13 (mini) has a number of camera features that are missing on the SE, such as Film mode. This allows you to nicely blur the background while making a video. However, the iPhone SE 2022 does support Photographic Styles, a feature that saw the light of day with the arrival of the iPhone 13. For example, Photographic Styles allow users to choose higher contrast or warmer color temperature in photos.

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3. Screen: OLED vs LCD

The iPhone SE 2022’s screen measures 4.7 inches (or should we say small?). It is an LCD screen with a true-to-life color reproduction. Because the device still has the ‘old’ design, Apple has not taken a bite out of the screen in the form of the notch. The screen also has a 9:16 aspect ratio – that used to be the standard, but we hardly see it in smartphones these days.

iPhone SE 2022 price

The iPhone 13 (mini) has a clear OLED screen, with beautiful colors and high contrast. Because the pixels of an OLED screen can be turned on and off individually, the shade of black on the screen is really black.

Both smartphones still have a refresh rate of only 60Hz. That’s a real shame, since many cheaper Android smartphones already have 90Hz or 120Hz screens. The higher the number of Hz, the smoother the screen looks. The iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is the only iPhone with a 120Hz screen.

4. Touch ID vs Face ID

Unlocking is slightly different with the iPhone SE 2022 than with the iPhone 13 (mini). Both devices can be biometrically protected. With the SE this goes with your fingerprint and with the 13 with your face. The iPhone SE has a Touch ID fingerprint scanner in the home button. It allows you to unlock your phone, pay with Apple Pay and much more.

The iPhone 13 (mini) has Face ID. This is Apple’s patented facial recognition, which works by means of infrared light and a so-called ‘dot projector’. This shines all kinds of small rays of light on your face, which you cannot see with the naked eye. Based on this, Face ID recognizes your face and only you can unlock your iPhone.

Face ID and Touch ID both work very smoothly and quickly – it’s mostly a matter of personal preference. However, according to Apple, Face ID is a bit more secure. From the iOS 15.4 update, Face ID also works if you wear a mouth cap.

Face ID

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5. Price: iPhone SE is cheaper

The iPhone SE 2022 is Apple’s cheapest iPhone. You pay 529 euros for the 64GB model. This is quite little storage, so we would go for the 128GB version ourselves – this one costs 579 euros† The iPhone SE 2022 is cheaper than the iPhone 13, but unfortunately a bit more expensive than the iPhone SE 2020.

The 64GB iPhone 13 mini is available for 809 euros and for the 128GB model you pay 929 euros. The regular iPhone 13 costs 100 euros more. For this you only get a bigger screen and a bigger battery – the other specifications are exactly the same.

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