iPhone tips: 3 useful functions for watching Netflix on vacation

Are you going on vacation soon? Then of course your favorite films and series cannot be missed. With these iPhone tips you can watch Netflix carefree during your holiday!

iPhone tips: Taking Netflix on vacation

The summer period has arrived and for many Dutch and Belgians that means it’s time for a holiday. Packing your bags is part of preparing for the holiday, but that is of course not all.

Your favorite films and series will of course also come along on your journey. We have put together three useful iPhone tips for you that you must know if you want to watch Netflix during your holiday.

1. Download series and movies on Netflix

Are you going on holiday by plane? Or do you have a mobile subscription with little data? Netflix has the handy function to download movies and series on your iPhone (or iPad). By downloading the titles on Netflix, you can also enjoy Netflix without internet. Very handy, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you.

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Moreover, abroad you often have no coverage or stable internet. It is therefore smart to download a number of titles in advance. Anyone with a subscription to Netflix can watch movies and series offline. To do that, find the episode or movie you want to install and tap the “Download” button. The title is then saved in the background.

iPhone tips: 3 useful functions for watching Netflix on vacation

Please note, because the series or film is only downloaded once the symbol behind the title has changed from the circle to the phone. Has the download not yet been completed? Then unfortunately you can’t watch the title offline. Therefore, start downloading your offline series and films on time, so that you can be sure that your iPhone has enough time to save the files.

2. Enable saving data when abroad

Are you through all the downloaded series and movies on Netflix? Then you depend on the WiFi connection at your holiday destination. Abroad, the internet quality sometimes fluctuates, which means that loading an episode or an entire film is sometimes too much to ask. In that case you can also choose to watch Netflix via your mobile data, provided you have mobile coverage of course.

When you use your mobile subscription to watch Netflix, it is wise to first check the size of your data bundle. This way you prevent unexpected high bills at the end of the month. You can usually find this in your provider’s app. Fortunately, Netflix has another handy option to save data when streaming episodes and movies. This way you can watch Netflix via your own mobile data bundle, but you don’t use too much. You set this up as follows:

  1. Open Netflix and go to your account;

  2. Tap on your profile at the top right and choose ‘App settings’;

  3. Go to ‘Mobile data usage’;

  4. Enable ‘Save data’.

Netflix lowers the image quality with this function, so that less data is used. According to Netflix, with data savings you use 1 GB of data if you watch movies or series for about six hours. If you have not enabled data saving, you will use a lot more, you will then do about four hours with 1 GB. With data savings, you can watch Netflix for longer with the same amount of data.

Netflix data saver

3. Automatically save the next episode

The last tip from our iPhone tips for Netflix is ​​also smart to set up. If you’re in the middle of a series’ season, sometimes you don’t have enough storage space on your iPhone to store all the episodes. Netflix has come up with something for this, because it is possible to automatically download the next episode after watching an episode. The episode you watched will then be deleted, freeing up space for the new file immediately.

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This feature is called ‘Smart downloads’ by Netflix and can be found in the settings of your profile. Then tap on ‘App settings > Smart downloads’ and turn on ‘Download next episode’. Please note that you have enabled ‘Only via WiFi’ under downloads, otherwise Netflix may install the new episodes via your mobile data. This way you always have something ready to watch!

Netflix next episode

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