iPhone tips: 5x how to make better videos with your iPhone

We’ve written before about tips for taking better photos with your iPhone. But in this week’s iPhone tips, we’ll give you tips for making better videos.

This is how you make better videos with your iPhone

Of course, it’s almost impossible to make bad videos with your iPhone, but there are always ways to make them even better. In this week’s iPhone tips we give you five tips that will help you with this!

1. Light and stable shooting

The first of these iPhone tips for better videos is about lighting and steady recording. One of the most important conditions for really good video images is sufficient light. Always take care of that first if possible. Indoors, for example, it works well to use a construction lamp and point it at the ceiling, so that the entire space is beautifully illuminated by the reflection.

Always try to ensure stable recordings. If you want to film handheld, it is advisable to purchase a gimbal (for example the DJI Osmo Mobile 6). But you can also make controlled movements with an iPhone holder with a suction cup. You attach it, for example, to a door that you open slowly. Or (at your own risk) very low on the outside of your car for an impressive ‘dolly shot’.

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DJI Osmo Mobile 6.

View the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 here.

2. Sound and perspectives

Number two of these iPhone tips is about the power of sound and variation in perspectives. Images become much more impressive when accompanied by good sound. Your iPhone’s microphone isn’t bad, but it is small. It is therefore advisable to record the sound separately. The Rode brand has good and affordable microphones (for example the Rode i-XY) that are specially made for iPhones. You can also use your Bluetooth headset or AirPods and hold them near your subject.

Don’t film everything at eye level, but also occasionally do so from extremely high or low camera angles. Duct tape is indispensable for this, you can stick your iPhone to anything. And even if you want to portray someone big or small, it is fun to change the camera angle. In films you often see that the hero is filmed slightly from below. You film someone who is afraid or insecure from a higher position.

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Red i-XY.
  • View the Rode i-XY here

3. Resolution and settings

The third of these iPhone tips is about the settings. Perhaps you naturally choose the highest resolution. That’s 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K) at 60 fps. Although this ensures the maximum amount of detail in the image, it also ensures very large movie files. So consider in advance whether you have enough storage space to film in 4K. If so, that is preferred. You set the default resolution as follows:

  • Open the Settings app;
  • Scroll down a little and tap ‘Camera’;
  • Tap ‘4K at 60 fps’.

We recommend that you also adjust two other options here. Our advice is to disable ‘HDR video’. This will make your videos look more natural. Furthermore, enable the ‘Lock camera’ option. This prevents your iPhone from automatically switching cameras while filming. It is better to choose what you film with which camera.

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4. Use Filmic Pro and avoid zooming

Number four of these iPhone tips: a more extensive Camera app and no zooming! You can of course film with Apple’s Camera app. This is recommended for a novice filmmaker, because you can’t do much wrong with it. If you want more control Filmic Pro a good choice. You then have control over the focus, exposure, white balance, shutter speed and more. It’s useful that you can lock the settings, instead of constantly letting the camera do its own thing.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to purchase Filmic Pro. You can try the app for free for 7 days, but after that you pay 9.99 euros per week, or 119.99 euros per year.

When it comes to zooming in and out, we recommend that you prefer to physically move towards (or away from) a subject. Using the zoom button is a very dominant change in your shot. In practice this is of course not always possible, but if you have the space to move around you will always get a better result.

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5. Edit your video

We finish these iPhone tips with editing just like your video. This can be done in the iOS app iMovie. In this app you have many options in terms of effects, but that does not necessarily make your video better. You never actually see transition effects between different shots in films. So remove all those standard transitions immediately and only use them if they add something to the story.

Place all the shots together with the correct timing and tell your story. Always think about why you are doing something and what it contributes to the story. This also applies to any other editing you may do. Don’t just make some edits, but consider why they are or are not good to do.

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