iPhone tips: 6 tricks for the messaging app Telegram

Telegram is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp. That’s why we’re showing you 6 tricks for Telegram in this week’s iPhone tips!

iPhone tips: 6 tricks for Telegram

Although Telegram is similar to WhatsApp, there are many differences. The 6 tricks in these iPhone tips are not only useful if you are just using Telegram. These tips are also useful if you have been using the app for a while. Use it to your advantage!

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1. Start a secret chat

We’ll start these iPhone tips with a secret chat. Telegram uses two types of encryption. For private conversations and group chats, the traffic between the server and the user is encrypted. But Telegram also has secret chats. If you use this, an extra layer of encryption is applied between the end users.

Telegram itself cannot decipher these secret chats either. If you delete a message in such a secret chat, that message will also disappear from the recipient. Obviously it is not possible to forward messages from a secret chat. To start a secret chat:

Start secret chat on Telegram

  1. Open the Telegram app;

  2. Tap the ‘Contacts’ tab;

  3. Long press on a contact;

  4. Tap ‘Start Secret Chat’.

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2. Hide ‘last seen and online’

Just like in WhatsApp, you can see by default whether your contacts are online and when they were last online. That’s something that turns off almost everyone these days. And fortunately that is also possible with Telegram. Below you can read how that works.

  • Open the Telegram app;
  • Tap ‘Settings’ at the bottom;
  • Tap ‘Privacy & security’;
  • Tap ‘Last seen & online status’;
  • Select ‘Nobody’ here.

You have the option to exclude one or more contacts from this. You do this under ‘EXCEPTIONS’. Tap ‘Add’ behind ‘Always share with’ and choose the desired contacts.

last seen and online

3. Send a ‘silent’ message or schedule a message

Number three of these iPhone tips is for when something needs to get off your mind at an unchristian time. You have two options with Telegram. You can schedule the message so that you lose it and the recipient receives it at a set time. You can also send the message ‘silently’ directly. Your message will be delivered immediately, but without any sound or vibration. Both options work in practically the same way:

  • Open the Telegram app and the desired chat;
  • Type the message you want to get off your chest;
  • Long press the arrow you use to send messages;
  • Now choose ‘Send without sound’ or ‘Schedule message’.
schedule message

4. Delete messages from others

Number four of these iPhone tips is for when you can’t take a message any longer. With Telegram it is possible to delete not only messages that you have sent yourself, but also messages from others. This is not possible in the Messages app and in WhatsApp. Deleting is very simple: long press on the message in question and choose ‘Delete’. You will also have the option to delete the message only for yourself or also for the recipient.

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5. Use shareable Chat folders

The fourth of these iPhone tips is about a feature that WhatsApp does not have. In Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, it is possible to divide your chats into folders. You can place a maximum of 200 chats in a Chat folder. You can then share the chat folder including all chats with a single link with friends or family. You can create Chat folders by going to Settings, tapping ‘Chat Folders’ and then ‘Create Folder’.

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6. Protect the app with a PIN code

We conclude this week’s iPhone tips with a bit of security. Just like with WhatsApp, you can also protect your Telegram chats with a PIN code, with Touch ID, or with Face ID.

To do this, go to Telegram settings and tap ‘Privacy and security’. Then tap ‘Passcode & Face ID’ (if you have an older iPhone, Touch ID will of course be listed here). Immediately indicate after how long the chat should be automatically locked.


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