Is Apple working on new smart home devices? According to these hints, yes

Apple has introduced a new Standby mode in iOS 17, which may indicate that Apple is working on new smart home devices. This is what we know so far.

New smart home devices from Apple

At WWDC 2023, Apple announced quite a few hardware updates. No less than three new Macs are coming out and the Vision Pro has finally been presented. With the Vision Pro, the company’s first headset, Apple is entering a completely new market. Because of this, there are rumors that Apple plans to expand even further, but towards the smart home devices.

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There has been speculation for some time about a completely new device from Apple, which is intended to connect smart home devices. Exactly what that device will look like is still unclear. Still, a number of announcements during WWDC 2023 indicate that Apple plans to (eventually) release a smart home device. We put together the instructions for you.

HomePod with screen smart home devices

1. New Standby mode for iPhone

With iOS 17, a new Standby mode comes to your iPhone. With the feature it will soon be possible to use your phone as a full-fledged alarm clock or support on your desk, for example. Your iPhone is then in a horizontal or vertical position and only shows information that you find important. The new Standby mode may be a hint to new smart home devices from Apple.

The new function is an ideal way to display information on a future smart home device. There have been rumors of a HomePod with a screen for some time and the new Standby mode would be perfect as a standard display on the display. This way, you can always see the information you find important, such as the clock or an overview of all your smart devices, at a glance.


According to rumors, this Homepod will have a 7-inch screen, making it slightly smaller than the 8-inch screen of the current iPad mini. The HomePod with display should combine the iPad, Apple TV and the HomePod in one device. The new speaker thus becomes the central point of your home, with which you can also operate all your smart devices.

2. Make video calls through Apple TV

A major update in tvOS 17 is the arrival of FaceTime to the operating system. FaceTime is coming to the Apple TV 4K, which will soon make it possible to make video calls via your television. If you receive a call via FaceTime, you can then play the conversation on your television screen with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. You then place your iPhone or iPad as a webcam under your television.

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Due to the new FaceTime function, there are now rumors that Apple is working on an Apple TV with a built-in camera. Handy of course, you no longer have to look for the right place for your iPhone or iPad before you can FaceTime. If Apple TV does indeed get a built-in camera, it would appear to be a first step towards a larger smart home device. This could then merge your phone and Apple TV into one device.

tvOS 17 FaceTime

3. DockKit makes the ideal smart home device

If Apple does indeed make a smart home device that combines the iPad, Apple TV and HomePod, Apple’s DockKit cannot be missed. DockKit allows a motorized stand for your iPhone to automatically rotate with you during a video call. This way you can walk through the room without disappearing from the camera’s view. And that is exactly what the smart home device also needs.

It is highly likely that Apple’s first smart home device will also have a built-in camera. In this way, the device is suitable for making video calls in a larger space, which tvOS 17 is already focusing on. With DockKit you then have a device that also automatically moves with you.

homeOS smart home devices

When will Apple release the real HomePod?

A comprehensive HomePod with screen, camera and DockKit sounds like the ideal smart home device. With the Stand-by mode you always see the most important information on the display and with Siri it is possible to have the HomePod perform a lot of tasks from the couch. The HomePod really becomes the center of your home.

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If we are to believe the rumors, a new HomePod with display will appear next year. It is quite possible that this release date has now been pushed back, because Apple surprised at the beginning of this year with a second generation HomePod. The next HomePod will therefore probably have to wait a while.

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