Jaguar: Chinese stock of parts almost exhausted

Jaguar Land Rover has parts from China for another two weeks to keep British production going, CEO Ralf Speth said Tuesday at a car conference. The Chinese factory of Jaguar Land Rover has been closed for some time due to the corona virus 2019-nCoV.

Jaguar: Chinese stock of parts almost exhausted
Jaguar XE

“We are safe for this week, we are safe for next week, but in the third week we will miss parts,” says Speth. He further said that suitcases are used to fly parts from China to the United Kingdom. The factory in China will open again next week, but the CEO did not give details about the consequences of the production stop.

The CEO of Tata Motors, the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, stated at the same conference that the company still has enough parts for February and part of March. “Are we currently covered for the full month of March? Unfortunately not,” said Guenther Butschek.

Several companies have warned that the spread of the virus has an effect on business operations. Earlier, Apple warned that sales in the current quarter will be lower. Because production is lagging behind, fewer iPhones can be sold.

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