Jaguar Land Rover to partner with Nvidia for autonomous driving

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has joined forces with major American tech company Nvidia to develop autonomous cars and related software.

An important step for Jaguar Land Rover: the British group has found an important technological partner in Nvidia. Nvidia will work with Jaguar Land Rover on technology for self-driving cars. This is a multi-year partnership, which will result in a software platform called Nvidia Drive that forms the basis for many things in Jaguar and Land Rover cars. All cars of this concern will run on this from 2025.

Nvidia Drive includes active safety systems, driver assistance systems and systems that should enable fully self-driving cars. The software will control all these things and deliver the most refined possible performance with the help of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence also comes into play, mainly aimed at ‘experiences’ for the occupants. Think of a probably voice-activated (infotainment) assistant, but also of visual assistance to keep an eye on the environment of the car, for example. Over-the-air updates should keep things current. As mentioned, we can expect this Nvidia software in every new car from the British group from 2025.

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