‘Japanese wait four years for new Toyota Land Cruiser’

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The patience of some Japanese will be severely tested in the coming years. Anyone who orders a new Toyota Land Cruiser must, according to Automotive News have been waiting for delivery for four years now.

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been a wildly popular model for generations and given its excellent track record, this is no surprise. Toyota earns a nice living with it, especially on export markets, but perhaps leaves its ‘own people’ in the cold a bit. In July it already appeared that the Japanese have a ‘sale ban’ in the first year after purchasing the new Land Cruiser. However, it now appears that they also have to be quite patient before they even have the car in front of the door.

Automotive news has understood from Toyota that the delivery time is now actually four years in Japan. That is simply due to the enormous demand for the model in Japan, while Toyota only wants to serve the home market with a small part of the production. According to Toyota, it would not have to do with the chip shortage. Only 10 percent of Land Cruisers remain in their own country, the rest go elsewhere in the world. Toyota knows how to wear them out, especially in the Middle East.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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