Jeep only electrified in Europe

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

In Europe, Jeep is scrapping almost all cars that are solely powered by a petrol engine. The complete European range will therefore very soon consist of cars with a hybrid powertrain.

The Dutch importer confirms the news that the British Autocar has caught it. Although striking, the news is certainly not entirely illogical for the Netherlands. Jeep adds e-Hybrid versions to the range of the Compass and Renegade. Those 130 hp strong cars are equipped with a petrol engine and an electric motor and are somewhere between a mild hybrid and a regular hybrid. They are something, but not much more expensive than the existing petrol versions.

We do not notice any major differences in power either. The deletion of the 1.0T (Renegade) and 1.3T (Compass) automatically results in a fully electrified offering for these models with the arrival of the e-Hybrids, consisting of the e-Hybrid and the previously introduced 4xe plug-in hybrids.

An exception

That leaves us with two models: the Wrangler and the new Grand Cherokee. We now know that only the plug-in hybrid 4Xe versions are supplied here, so that the entire Jeep range is partly due to the electrical power. We only have to wait for a fully electric Jeep, but we are working on it. The changes do not only apply to the Netherlands, but to the whole of Europe.

There is one exception: in some countries the Gladiator is offered and that ‘Wrangler pick-up’ is not yet available as a 4xe. Saillaint detail: with the deletion of the petrol versions, the manual gearbox will also disappear from the Jeep range.

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