Keep your distance: Why social distance helps

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Keeping a distance is one of the main strategies against the corona virus. Difficult for a society based on social values ​​and customs. You can find out here why this measure is essential and why you should take it seriously.

Keep your distance: that’s why it helps against COVID-19

The corona pandemic is currently severely restricting our everyday lives. It leads to uncertainty and partly empty supermarket shelves. In countries such as Italy and Spain, the health system is heavily overloaded, so that medical staff are constantly at risk of infection and are exhausted.

In Germany, too, the number of infected people is increasing day by day. The most effective strategy we can use to curb this exponential increase is now: keep your distance. Because the corona virus is mainly per Droplet infection transfer. This means that sick people transmit the pathogen primarily when they come into direct contact with another person. For example, when talking or coughing, tiny droplets of saliva are released into the air that the other person inhales and thus becomes infected.

Even if we shake hands, hug or touch objects that the sick person has previously touched and then put our hands to our faces, the risk of infection is high. This type of infection is called Contact or smear infection designated. The extent to which the coronavirus is passed on in this way is not yet known, but is being researched. Therefore: Wash your hands regularly.

Everyone must keep their distance

Only if we all keep our distance can we avoid a collapse of our health system.
(Photo: fischerAppelt)
Only if we all keep our distance can we avoid a collapse of our health system.

In addition to other measures, this recommends RKI primarily reduce social contacts as much as possible. So you should only leave the house or apartment alone or accompanied by other people with whom you live. In the public space, you should at most meet another person who does not live in the same household and generally keep about 1.5 meters away from other people.

If you already have symptoms like cough, hoarseness, Sore throat or fever you have stayed in a risk area or have had contact with a sick person, you should generally stay at home. You can get more information at the Federal Ministry of Health website or the RKIs.

Despite the dangerous situation, some people still do not take the pandemic seriously, fail to comply with regulations or exit restrictions. However, it is not just about your own health, but also and above all that of Risk group.

If you continue to maintain social contacts and keep your distance, you are above all a risk of infection for other people – even for those for whom the virus can be life-threatening. Last but not least, you should also think of the medical staff who do everything every day to ensure that our healthcare system can withstand the crisis. You can find out more about this topic here: Corona virus: finally realize that it’s not about you and here: “I am ready”: Nurses beg us to stay at home

# everyone for everyone: show decency – keep your distance!

The campaign #allfourallall calls for a distance, and thus to protect older people and people with other risk factors from infection.
(Photo: fischerAppelt)
The campaign #allfourallall calls for a distance, and thus to protect older people and people with other risk factors from infection.

In order to raise awareness of the need for social distancing, the initiative “Germany against Corona” the campaign # everybody started. Under the motto “Keep your distance and with it“It shows that everyone is responsible for protecting our community from collapse.

We can only stop the virus if we all adhere to the specified measures. The initiative has developed motifs that you can distribute online or in print to the public to remind people to keep their distance.

There are, for example, motifs that call at a distance of at least two meters or remind you to meet only two. Another important goal of the campaign is to remember that despite social distance, we should keep an eye on the well-being and health of our fellow human beings. The initiative speaks out against hamster purchases and the spread of false reports and calls on us to take care of the elderly and isolated people in quarantine. You can find all motifs, as well as further tips and information on www.deutschland-


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