Kindle or Kobo e-reader: these are the best Black Friday 2023 deals

Are you looking for an e-reader? Such a device is ideal for on the go and comes in all shapes and sizes. We tell you all about the differences between the Kindle, the Kobo e-reader and more. We also show where you can score the best during Black Friday.

E-reader Black Friday deals 2023

With an e-reader you have your entire bookcase at hand. It is therefore a handy way to always have something to read with you, without having to carry a huge book with you. You will also not be disturbed by social media notifications and it reads like real paper. The screen of an e-reader is also much more comfortable on your eyes than the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

There are several brands on the market, the best known of which are Amazon’s Kindle and Bol’s Kobo e-reader. We will tell you all about the differences and where you can best get it during Black Friday. Are you not into reading, but would you rather listen to your books? Then subscribe to Podimo, Bookbeat or Nextory!

E-reader deals during Black Friday 2023

Kobo e-readers from Bol

1.Kobo Libra 2

The 7-inch screen of the Kobo Libra 2 makes your eye comfort a top priority. That’s why it automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature based on how much light you have. The e-reader has 32GB of storage space: enough for about 24,000 books. Do you like to be read to every now and then? The Kobo Libra 2 also has the option to connect wireless headphones or earbuds.

  • Kobo Libra 2: by €199.00 for €195.00 – Amazon

2. Kobo Clara 2E

Thanks to the 6-inch screen, you can read your books comfortably, but the Kobo Clara 2E also fits in any bag. This makes it perfect for on the road. Even if you have less light, you can read your book thanks to the backlight. the Kobo Clara 2E has a blue light filter and ensures that you fall asleep more easily (hopefully after reading).

  • Kobo Clara 2E: by €169.00 for €149.00 – Amazon
  • Kobo Clara 2E: by €169.00 for €149.00 – Paradigit
  • Kobo Clara 2E: by €169.00 for €149.00 – Megekko

Kindle e-readers from Amazon

3. Kindle Paperwhite

Is your ideal time to read when the sun has already set? With the Kindle Paperwhite you can always read comfortably, no matter how dark it is. There is built-in lighting and you can adjust the color of the screen to a warmer shade to protect your eyes. You can even set a time schedule for this, so that the color heat automatically adjusts every day when evening comes.

  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021: by €169.99 for €139.99 – Amazon
  • Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2021: by €170.99 for €159.12 – Galaxus

4.Kindle (2022)

At 6 inches, the Kindle (2022) is more compact than the Paperwhite and is therefore ideal for your train journey to work or on holiday. It is useful that you can put the device in dark mode. That reads a lot more quietly in low light. Furthermore, the biggest difference with the Paperwhite is that you cannot set the color temperature.

  • Amazon Kindle (2022): by €109.99 for €99.99 – Amazon

Other e-readers

5. Pocketbook Verse Pro

You can read your books on the compact 6-inch screen of the Pocketbook Verse Pro and quickly scroll to the next page with the handy arrow keys. If you often read in the dark, you can switch on dark mode – just like the Kindle e-readers. You can also take it into the bath with you with peace of mind. It is IPX8 certified, which means it is waterproof.

  • Pocketbook Verse Pro: by €169.00 for €144.00 – MediaMarkt

6. Apple iPad (2022)

Of course it is also possible to read e-books on an iPad. Reading books is comfortable thanks to the large 10.5-inch screen. While you only read books with an e-reader, you use an iPad for many things. Alternate reading with a series or a game.

  • iPad (2022) 10.9 inches 64GB: by €573.00 for €539.00 – Coolblue
  • iPad (2022) 10.9 inches 64GB: by €589.45 for €539.00 – Amazon
  • iPad (2022) 10.9 inches 64GB: by €589.00 for €539.00 – Besimpel
  • iPad (2022) 10.9 inches 256GB: by €759.00 for €699.00 – Belsimpel

Would you rather listen to books?

Do you prefer to listen to your books, for example while cooking, in the car or during a walk? Then there are a number of services that provide you with a good story. Podimo, Bookbeat and Nextory can all be purchased extra cheaply during Black Friday. Quickly find out which one suits you best.

Bookbeat: now 60 days free trial

More than 800,000 audio books are available on Bookbeat and has the largest selection of books of the platforms mentioned. Bookbeat makes it easy to switch between reading and listening, because you also get access to a wide range of e-books. With the basic subscription you can read or listen for 20 hours per month for 8.99 euros. If that is too little, you can choose Bookbeat Premium and it will be extended to 100 hours per month for 10.99 euros.

View the Bookbeat offer

Nextory: now 45 days free trial

Nextory always lets you read and listen as much as you want. With 300,000 e-books and audiobooks, the range is somewhat smaller than Bookbeat, but there is always something for you. Nextory is ideal for families. You share one account with four profiles. You can take out a subscription from 11.99 euros per month.

View the Nextory offer

Podimo: now 30 days free trial

Podimo focuses mainly on podcasts and produces a large number of exclusive shows for their platform. However, as a subscriber you also get access to a large library of 10,000 audio books. With the Premium subscription you listen 10 hours per month, but if you are a bookworm, Premium Plus probably suits you better and you can delve into as many audiobooks as you want.

View the Podimo offer

Other Black Friday deals

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All Black Friday articles in one overview

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