Koenigsegg Gemera: 1,724 horsepower for four people

The Swedish Koenigsegg is a brand that thinks in superlatives. That is expressed today in the form of this very intense Gemera, a four-seater with an unnecessary amount of horsepower.

With cars such as the Agera and Regera, Koenigsegg has a model range that is purely made up of extreme models. In addition, the Regera is also completely electric, but it is no longer the only Koenigsegg with electrical power. The brand presents this Gemera, an extremely powerful coupé with room for four people!

The Gemera is a car that is described by Koenigsegg as a Mega-GT. At Koenigsegg, the ‘Mega’ part in the name stands for ‘megawatt’, a quantity that can be converted to around 1,360 hp. Three electric motors, two of which drive the rear wheels and one connected to the front axle, are good for 1,115 horsepower, but there is more. The electric motors are in fact assisted by the Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG), a camless shaft 2.0-liter three-cylinder which in turn adds 609 hp and 600 Nm to the power and brings the combined power to 1,724 hp and 3,500 Nm. The combustion engine is coupled to the front wheels. The Gemera can whip through electrically up to a speed of 300 km / h. The 16.6 kWh battery pack of the four-wheel drive Koenigsegg is enough for an electric range of 50 kilometers. Those who only use the combustion engine must be able to travel 950 kilometers. The car weight is 1,850 kilos. The car does not have B-pillars and that means that a set of huge doors provides access to a beautifully shaped interior.

The 4.98 meter long and 1.98 meter wide Gemera is built around a monocoque made of carbon fiber and has a wheelbase of 3 meters. The Gemera, which includes rear-wheel steering, can be driven in the Wet, Normal and Track driving modes. Things like an adaptive cruise control that works together with lane assist ensure that the Swede can make his way through traffic autonomously (level 2). The car is at the front on 21-inch alloy, at the rear they measure 22 inches. The Koenigsegg is also pretty good in his stuff. The Gemera has a 360-degree camera, a full interior leather or Alcantara, separate climate control (three zones), a real infotainment system with eleven speakers and a subwoofer, two induction chargers, 13-inch displays and so on.

Koenigsegg is going to produce 300 Gemeras. A starting price is not yet known.

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